The iPad is a great tool for small businesses to take notes, create spreadsheets, word documents, charge clients, and more. Many businesses have already made the smart choice to move over to iOS, from platforms like RIM’s Blackberry. Even the US. Air Force chose the iPad for its pilots.

Today, The Business Journal has posted a study showing that iPad usage has almost quadrupled among small businesses. From 2010 to 2011, iPad use in small businesses quadrupled…

In 2010, 9% of small businesses were using the iPad in their day-to-day operations. In 2011, it jumped to 34% of small businesses.

As The Business Journal outlines, the iPad is a crucial tool for gaining key information about products, customers, and more — at a moment’s notice.

“Our research has shown that for SMB owners, productivity and efficiency, which used to be the central benefits of technology, are now declining in importance compared to accessibility. Now, it’s crucial that business owners have access to their business information and data, anytime and anywhere. The iPad, as well as smartphones and cloud computing, are all part of this new trend and are experiencing significant growth as a result of that need.”

The iPad has also risen substantially outside of the business market. For regular consumers, the iPad is a must have. Cupertino-based Apple’s iPad is currently the top tablet worldwide, selling a whopping 15 million units last quarter. Apple could also break through its 100 millionth unit sold this year. With the iPad 3 launching this month, the iPad’s marketshare will continue to rise at a steady rate.

The study was across 1,400 business owners that have five to 499 people under their employment. It found 34 percent of iPad business users as “tech-savvy and financially successful.”

Apple’s iPad continues to be a crucial tool in many people’s lives. Businesses have finally decided to give up the cash to add the iPad to their arsenal and more will continue to do so this year.

What do you think of the iPad being used in small businesses?


  • Anonymous

    No doubt! The iPad is so convenient as long as it’s connected to the internet.

  • Anonymous

    I am a personal trainer and opened my own fitness center last year. I have an iPad 2 and want to use it in my business and eliminate all the paper but idk what apps to use. Any suggestions?

    Things I want/need it to do.

    I need to create documents and forms. These would include client information that I take at sign up, measurement sheet to track progress, and a workout spreadsheet that I can plug exercises into that keeps a running date so I know how many reps are being done.

    I want to create each form once then save it as a template. Then for each client have a profile I can go into that has those templates that I can put there info into.

    Another feature I would like to see but is not necessary at all is a way for the clients to access their own profiles from their devices. Are there any apps like that? I would pay a decent amount for an app with those features and it seems so practical there has to be something like that. Every time I get a new client I’m adding a folder with more and more paperwork. And I have to print and save workout sheets every week currently.

  • Anonymous

    One of the great features of the iPad is the “instant on” feature!

    With this “instant on” you can be in conversation with someone and just pull out the iPad, and pull up .PDF files so easily and instantly as well as easily switch over to a sales presentation video. All within seconds.

    In the “olden” days, I’d be waiting for my laptop to boot up, then for the auxiliary software to boot and then damn it if the virus software decides to scan the hard drive, not to mention that Adobe is asking if it can download the latest update!!!! By the time you cancel all this and finally get to your presentation, the client has gotten their Starbucks, drank it, used the bathroom, and finally said that they have to get back to their office, or next appointment!!!

    Which brings me to the 2nd greatest feature of the iPad, the size! Being that it is so small, it easily fits in your hand, or brief case, or even like for my wife, in her purse.