A new report from DigiTimes surfaced this morning claiming that the oft-rumored 7.85-inch iPad is moving closer to production. The site points to an article from United Evening News, a Taiwanese newspaper, which says Apple has just picked suppliers for the tablet.

DigiTimes doesn’t have the best track record in providing accurate Apple information, but we’ve seen a number of reports over the past few months regarding a mini iPad. And these particular claims appear to have some kind of basis…

According to the UEN, Apple has tapped Pegatron to assemble the new tablet. Typically, Apple uses Foxconn for its assembly jobs, but it has decided to go with the Taiwanese-based company for this new project. The article also names LG Display and AU Optronics as component suppliers for the smaller iPad.

This information actually lines up pretty nicely with previous reports, including one from the credible Wall Street Journal last month, that Apple is working with these three companies to produce a new tablet.

Believe it or not, the consensus seems to be that the sub-8-inch iPad is very real. And we could see it launch as early as this fall. The product make a bit of sense if you think about it. If Apple can keep the tablet’s price below $300, it could help fend off rising competition from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


  • The picture is a fake ipad, it´s call apad

    • come on guys read the article before commenting…

      Not one place in the article including the title says “LEAKED PHOTO OF THE MINI IPAD!!!”
      The photo is just being used to give you (the reader or skimmer -_-) the idea of what a smaller iPad will be like.

  • michiel josephs

    it’s a fake iPad, the screen is much darker on iPads…

  • Anonymous

    probably some chinese wannabe pad, also it seems like the power/sleep/wake button is at the bottom right? and some kind of camera in the bezel?
    Looks more plastic than glass screen as well, i doubt this is the real deal..

    • Anonymous

      As we’ve noted in previous articles containing this image, it’s just a visual. There are not currently any photos — alleged or otherwise — of the purported 8-inch tablet.

      Thanks for reading!

  • I’d probably get one.

  • Dan

    In my opinion, the kindle can’t compete with the iPad when it comes to quality and performance (I tried one and it reminded me of those cheap blackberri tablets). It would make no sense to lower the Apple standard to make a subpar product in the kindle’s price range.

  • Photoshopped. Has to be.


    • I know right? That looks terrible. Also, developers would have to rework apps entirely for the iPad mini’s resolution.

  • Anonymous

    Imagine what Apple will do after Stevie passed away.. He didn’t tell you 7.85inch is the perfect size for a tablet right? So why would you develop it?? Tim.. Tim.. Tim..