We know, or feel like we know, just about everything there is to know about Apple’s next tablet — except its name. Most websites, including us, have just been assuming that since it will be the third iPad, it will be called the iPad 3.

But according to Gizmodo, the new device will actually be named the iPad HD. The site points to a couple of pieces of evidence to back its claims, including third-party cases and data from web traffic analytics…

First up, the cases. Gizmodo published a photo (above) of what appears to be part listings for a Griffin case that’s compatible with Apple’s new tablet. But instead of calling it the iPad 3, the slate is clearly listed as the iPad HD. Interesting.

Even though Griffin is a prominent accessory maker for Apple products, we’re not sure it would get advance notice of an upcoming unannounced product. Specifically for this reason.

Now onto the web analytics. Aside from the part listings, the site also posted a photo of a graph showing the recent web traffic for the website iDevice.ro. Apparently, a device labeled iPad HD has been visiting the site periodically over the last several months. While there’s no way to confirm its legitimacy, the data does add a bit of weight to the theory.

Even with the above “evidence,” we’re still not convinced that Apple has named its next tablet the iPad HD. Sure, the moniker would match up well with the device’s rumored high-resolution display. But it would also go against Apple’s previous nomenclature pattern.

What do you think? What has Apple named its next tablet?

  • Anonymous

    iPad 3 or iPad HD… I’ll buy the iPad 4

    • Same here. Or MAYBE, just MAYBE, if there is a jailbreak for the iPad HD, I will switch. No intentions now though.

  • Anonymous

    So the site get the difference between iPad HD and the iPad(s) today, but not the difference between iPad and iPad 2?
    Seems legit…

  • Anonymous

    Do you think they’ll ever start selling the iPad ad iPhone in colors besides white & black? They do it with the iPods

  • Anonymous

    iShit 3 becz we r tired of pads!!!

  • Quit the rumors, just wait until its released.

  • Matt

    dont care what its gonna be called lol aint buyin, no need for one.

  • Oh no! If they named it iPad HD i definitely won’t buy it, no way.

  • Anonymous

    The iPad 2GS

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care if its called the iPiss Off .. If it has a retina display it will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine…

  • Maybe they are working to iPads? The high class one would be the iPad HD, and the regular, non-retina display one released alongside it will be THE iPad 3?

    Just a thought.

  • Noah King

    Zune HD