SpeakEvents is a jailbreak tweak that audibly speaks the contents of new messages, tweets, emails, etc.

I like to look at it as the opposite of Siri; actually it’s the perfect complement to Siri, because instead of you talking to the iPhone, it’s talking to you.

I know this sounds like a potential recipe for disaster, but SpeakEvents has the ability to go into quiet mode during designated times, and you can make it work on a per-app basis.

Check out further video coverage of SpeakEvents straight ahead…

SpeakEvents works by waiting for incoming push notifications from the apps you configure it to listen for. It will then speak any incoming push notifications if all criteria is met.

Along with notifications from apps, SpeakEvents can speak the time at the top of each hour, give you battery life status updates, and speak in silent mode if you desire it to do so.

My main gripe with SpeakEvents is one that all will no doubt share: the registration process. It’s not enough to just purchase and download the tweak. SpeakEvents relies on a license which you must purchase via PayPal. It’s not the worst thing in the world, but it’s certainly not the convenience we’re all used to.

If your device is jailbroken and running iOS 5, you can head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo where you can download it today. Licenses will set you back $1.99 AUD, which is about $2.14 USD.

Now that you’ve seen it in action, what do you think about SpeakEvents?

  • Charge your phone.

  • I have been waiting for this, it is the only that
    works with iphone 4s IOS 5.0.1. CallTell sends to respring and callevent does not work at all.

  • that..is awesome!!!!, I’m gonna get it..i just hope the registration process isn’t TOO tedious.

  • Anonymous

    How does an app like SpeakEvents have access to text messages? What about privacy?

    • if this app was in the app store it would be big news and not good news. u hit it right on the head there guy

      • So what if it does have access? So many apps have access to so many things it’s just stupid to cause a fuss over everything. Like some kind of witch hunt for apps that practice the dark art of privacy invasion.

  • Cloudi Windi

    I bought the license it is 2.20 USD, but I got email from seller said “Please make sure you have Silent Mode disabled on your device as SpeakEvents respects it.”
    Do I have to disable that? I saw your video is not disable that setting.
    And is it a lifetime license?

  • Would like to have this integrated into Siri

    • In my case, I use spanish in my iphone, and I found that Siri uses the spanish voice if Speakevents is working, it sounds funny.

  • i can’t find it on my cydia 😐

  • Include a function to ONLY SPEAK ON BLUETOOTH. Thanks.

  • why only iOS5.0++? no iOS 4.2.1++ support?

  • Donovan Wynter

    i just bought this tweak and it wasnt so hard doing the purchase as jeff making it sounds
    i downloaded the tweak open it from settings click on buy license pay using PayPal then click on Download the licencse……..walla its done

  • Anonymous

    Awsome, but not for me since Paypal is on my personal Blacklist.

  • Jinn Carlo

    This is just my opinion. @cjori, the creator of Applocker and Flowtation, tweeted earlier that he is in the works of the same tweak with much more features. That, I’ll wait.

  • If anyone is interested in knowing, it costs 1.67€ 🙂

  • For iOS4, you can use SwirlyScreen

  • Anonymous

    SpeakEvents is sooo helpful – bought it immediately… 🙂

  • Tried to alter ‘Speak App Events’ from the basic 2 and the app crashed. Tried restarting but still no joy. This is what happens when you have to pay for apps before you can try them. Ba!

    • In my Iphone 4s, IOS 5.0.1, it works well. I have like 30 events, from the basic 2. What kind of iphone you have, and what IOS?

  • Purchasing now!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Come on now! Even though PayPal is widely used, a lot of us Jailbreakers are not privileged enough due to country restrictions &@”!?& Too bad for you Mr. K3A the creator of AE, know that we went to buy your great tweak and were left in deception… Cydia would have been universal

  • Anonymous

    i want this..

  • A feature to hear who is calling would be great, along with the ability to set custom strings for callers so it doesn’t announce the person’s real name publicly…

  • I have tried registering to this tweak, I kinda don’t like the process. 🙁 I was also waiting for this kind of tweak for a long time.

  • I still prefer CallTell over this since I can create my custom setting for what It will say for my notifications and you can also choose the apps that you want to hear a notification from.

    • CallTell on iPhone 4s do always crash. >.< Same with iCallAnnounce ;(

    • @kexik: @pablo1972cr yes. This was by design, but this will be changed – thinking about per-app separated settings

  • This would be awesome til Siri reads out aloud text from girl #1 while hanging out with girl #2!!!

  • Something strange happened today SIRI asked me what can I do for you but she did it in Spanish also there was not voice recognition I had to reboot the iPhone in order to get back SIRI. I use SpeakEvent

  • It’s not good as expect @@
    It speak all kind language mix together @@
    Can’t pick now …….

  • Donovan Wynter

    has anyone notice a bug in the hourly time telling?? sometimes
    SpeakEvents will say the time some minutes before the hour or some minutes after the hour
    is there any fix for this??