Saturday night, Adobe launched its new Photoshop Touch for iPad app into the App Store in Australia , New Zealand and more, but quickly pulled the app shortly after. We assume someone pulled the trigger a little early.

Tonight, Photoshop Touch for iPad has made a reappearance in the App Store, priced at the same $9.99. As a refresher, Photoshop Touch looks like the perfect photo editor on the iPad…

You can read our post last night for the full list of features.

You can purchase Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad for $9.99 on the iTunes App Store. Remember, this is iPad 2 exclusive.

What do you think of Adobe’s new photo editor?


  • Anonymous

    That looks amazing! They need an iPhone version of that because the basic iPhone photoshop doesn’t have those kind of features

    • Probably because the iPhone has a smaller screen? I’d rather edit my Photos on my PC.