Microsoft is taking a leaf out of Samsung’s playbook by going on the offensive in the battle for smartphone supremacy. With Windows Phone 7 not quite setting the world on fire with huge sales figures and just a 2% market share, Microsoft has apparently decided to go after the competition with a new ad campaign.

Posted to the Windows Phone Facebook page, the new push pits Windows Phone 7 against various other smartphones, including the iPhone, across a range of uses and applications. The premise is that Microsoft’s WP7 evangelist Ben Rudolph is offering $100 to anyone who can perform tasks faster on their own handsets than he can on his Windows Phone.

As is to be expected, he’s not handed over any money yet…

The video we’ve embedded shows a swathe of unsuspecting people attempting to take a photo and upload it to Facebook quicker than Rudolph can with his WP7 device. He wins, obviously, though having users who can’t find the Facebook app on their iPhone perhaps helps fudge the figures somewhat! You’ll need to watch the video to see what we mean.

We’re actually fans of Windows Phone here at iDB – in fact, this particular writer is currently testing out a Nokia Lumia 800 and it is certainly a capable smartphone. That said, it’s not an iPhone. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing is obviously very much a matter of opinion. Remember folks, there’s more to technology than just Apple!

Microsoft will be hoping that this latest publicity push can see its smartphone OS gain in market share, and with pundits almost unanimously in favor of what WP7 can bring to the table, it is perhaps puzzling that the platform is languishing quite as much as it currently is.

Have you given WP7 a try lately?


  • waleed LA

    iphone users can open the camera app directly from lock screen if u have ios5 or higher……u dont have to push that dedicated camera button for 2 secs like in windows phone…FAIL !

    • Anonymous

      Only when they double tap the home button and then click the icon, about 5 seconds later it opens so what exactly is your point !! .. If you’re going to use the word “FAIL” then at least make a comment that justifies it and as for all this Android vs iOS and Apple vs Google bullshit, 99% of iPhone users are pathetic and immature. The fact is that a phone is only as good as the purpose for which you need it, iPhone owners for some twisted reason think what they use is better than anything else and even when facts tell a different story they just resort to insults and change the subject.

      I own an iPod, recently sold my iPhone and I own an Xperia Ray and the whole schoolyard childishness that goes on between fanboys is truly sad .. Why can’t people just accept that what 1 person thinks is the dogs bollocks, another might think it’s shit, it’s about choice, taste and personal prefernece and nothing more.

      • where do you spend 5 sec to open your camera on an iphone? my 4S takes somewhere near 2 sec to double tap and hit camera and be ready to shot.
        but you are right, there are phones that are better for some thing than others phones, I still love my nokia 6600 (yeah its old! but I love it!)

      • waleed LA

        read what i said again…..that iphone users dont have to hold any dedicated button for 2 secs and then camera app will launch…u can directly from lock screen….and for ur kind information i used the word FAIL for them peoples who were swiping across the pages to find the camera app and to open it then…though when u directly can from lock screen if u are using ios 5….
        Read Carefully Xperia FanBoy 🙂

      • Emre SÜMENGEN

        Sorry man, but, 1) the camera obviously launches faster (a mere 1 sec with my 4s) and let’s do a tweet that image test and see…

        I’m good with Windows Phone 7 OS being good (or getting good) on things, even though I don’t use those functions…

        But, you’d also be good with the fact that this “promo” is just a series of bullsh*t, utilizing people who can’t find their camera app… This is plain simple marketing, and has no value for me..

        Oh, other than the possibility of getting a brand new WP7 device that I could sell, untouched. (Others may use it, I choose to stay with iOS and my iPhone/iPad, for now.)

      • Anonymous

        In iOS 5.1 you’ll be able to swipe up for the camera. No more double tap. 🙂

      • in iOS 5.0/5.0.1 you can swipe from camera to album inside the camera app and swipe it again to go back to camera 😀

    • see if you hit the home button 2 times to see the camera application on the iphone will take about 2 to 5 seconds, which equals the same as pressing the button outside of the windows phone … That point that you say is stupid, sorry.

      • Anonymous

        You would still need to unlock the phone to get to your homescreen and launch Facebook.

        Yea it’s a silly challenge but it proofs their point that windows phone has a faster camera with better social media integration. Would’ve been nice if Apple put in native facebook interation instead of twitter.

      • waleed LA

        yes it will take 2 to 5 secs to do that if my phone is locked….i will not have to unlock it first and if i am having any passcode set i wudnt have to do that……well as for android or windows if ur phone is locked u will have to unlock it first and if u have set any passcode or pattern to unlock and then open the camera app…it will take 6-9 secs 🙂 so tell me whos talking stupid? 🙂

      • Kok Hean

        Activator 🙂

    • try posting it to fb without unlocking it:D

      • waleed LA

        Jailbreakers are out there they will make tweak that will do the exact same thing u want 😀

  • That was totally a RUBBISH review

  • This article seems sarcastic lol!!

  • Bimbo’s dumbass chicks !! Dont use iPhone if you dont know how it works .. !!

  • Love how the WP7 vs the 4S was cut out of this video for a reason, that Asian guy probably won.

  • Daniel Marnie

    The girl was an idiot and didn’t use the lock screen shortcut; also this isn’t really a fair test. That Windows Phone will be brand new, out of the box and won’t have been used at all. I don’t know about anyone else, but I notice that as apps and other stuff are downloaded and deleted, phones used everyday tend to slow down a bit, due to actual usage. The only actual recorded competition between the guy and the girl is stupid, because the iPhone has a shortcut to the camera app that the girl wasn’t aware of…

    • Anonymous

      Even if she launches the camera from the lockscreen she would’ve had to go back to the homescreen to open facebook.

      • Daniel Marnie

        That’s a good point; however, I don’t see the advantage of uploading to Facebook fast. With taking a photo, yeah, you want the camera to open up fast, and the picture to be taken fast. After that, you have the photo. Why the rush to upload?

  • Pioneer music

    the only thing that he can do quicker, because it’s the only thing he does in the intire day, is taking pictures and upload it to facebook.
    that’s sad to see,
    because i have never uploaded a picture to facebook with my iPhone, it was made to do other stuff
    like being a freaking phone..

  • Anonymous

    Catching a quick moment as it happens I can understand (and the iPhone has the lock screen camera button). But I don’t see the real need to rush to post it on facebook in 4 seconds. Unless some guy in a mall is offering me $100 for it, otherwise totally useless demo.

    • Emre SÜMENGEN


  • That was painful to watch, searching around for her camera app lol. Still do her though.

  • Maybe they should have done the test using twitter, seeing that Facebook isn’t integrated into iOS. I would like to see an app comparison test.

  • that’s bloff

  • Anonymous

    I will use 2 tin cans and a string before I EVER go back to using a Windows Phone!!!!

    I had a HTC Shadow Windows 6.x phone and it was “hell” compared to the iPhone.

    One of my most basic and most fundamental grievances was how unstable the Windows Platform is, it would at most inappropriate times “lock/freeze” and then I would have to pull the battery out, just to reboot – which took an extraordinarily long time!!!

    As the old saying goes: “Burn me once, shame on YOU — Burn me twice, shame on ME!!!” I”m not letting Windows Burn me twice!

  • Anonymous

    Regarding the Video “competition” —

    How “fair” is it to have a trained expert who no doubt has practiced this exercise hundreds of times to have absolute familiarity with that one exercise – go against an unsuspecting “consumer” who is suddenly challenged!

    This Microsoft Ad is untrustworthy!

    It reminds me of the Carnies at the Town Fair who has the ring-toss game, he shows you how easy it is to toss the ring on to the neck of the bottle – then you end up spending $10 or $20 bucks trying to replicate what he did with one “easy” toss!

    This just goes to prove that Microsoft felt it necessary to sell their “crap” OS by using cheap carnival con tricks!!! Do you want your phone to be sold to you using these kind of tactics???

  • Smart people take few picture and pick the best one and upload all together. Its not always take 1 and upload one. This is much wasting time than ever….

  • After watching the video the. iPhone is only for people who understand what iPhone mean goes for something stupid phone is what they deserve. Facebook and uploading something is under 4sec only window phone can do go suck Facebook and imagine yur life their is what is advertisement tell us.

  • chinh pham

    Maybe faster if you went straight to iphone Facebook app and update status by photo instead….

    Then again let the blonde show you to wrong way to prove a point. Why would she scroll left for search and scroll left again for no reason…. Flustered chick vs train spokes person getting paid to click one button all day.

  • I don’t buy this show off… first is not fair, second: makes all the customers thing that only windows phone owners are intelectual and everybody else don’t know how to use their phones, my iPhone suits me in my needs, internet, messages, social network, gaming and reading, fits perfectly in my pocket, no problem using with one o two hands, pictures are very good, I like the media player, a lot of apps, with jailbreak even better!

    I still happy with my iPhone and with the money I spent on the app store, I still prefer Windows for Desktops, but my phone choice is still the iPhone.

  • it shows that they paid women to delay more, it had the icon in the main and did not realize, really?

  • Anonymous

    If I didn’t have an iPhone I would get a windows phone. They are better than droid and blackberry. It’s better than the iPhone in some other areas too but it’s ‘cooler’ to have an iPhone.

  • Eduardo Gonzalez

    In other words if you’re a facebook addict windows phone 7 is for you. For everything else there’s iPhone.

  • Why would you upload a video in FLASH?
    Using an iPad2 can’t watch the video, strong work fellas!!!!!!!!

  • Ha, would of loved to do that competition with my iPhone, I have camera button always show and once press Facebook upload and boom done. Faster than he did…

  • … she just… she couldn’t.. there wasn’t… why did she…. what?? she was just scrolling through her home screen.. Blondes obviously don’t need any device as complex as the iPhone (sarcasm)

  • Anonymous

    windows phoone is nice and clean and smooth but its dry and boring ….. to flat and papery lacks warmth and organic feel… but int his a great start that can some day beat android.. IOS is king

  • Why not run the windows phone up against a jail broken iPhone 4s. On a jail broken iPhone you can just use activator to swipe to open the camera app. One thing you guys have to think about is. That there has been a numerous google phones and there is 50 different windows phone and there is only one iPhone. So really what is there to discuss. If apple were doing something wrong why do they continue to break record sells every quarter. Why is it that every where you go most people around you own an iPhone. So if you want an iPhone go get one if you want a google or a windows phone don’t be so judge mental because there all great smart phone they all do the same shit. One of the rules of supply and demand is taste and preferences.

  • I would buy a windows phone IF it had a bigger market… and if it had it’s own jail breaking community.

  • If you linked twitter and facebook and you posted the picture on twitter won’t it be killing two birds with one stone? 0.0

  • I love how people are comparing password locked iPhone’s with the qiuck camera button to an non password locked Android with a quick camera button. If your iPhone doesn’t have a password it would take seconds to open camera from lock screen, to taking a picture, to tweeting it. So stop saying “oh well you would still have to unlock it”