One of the most famous online cricket games has been available for your iOS devices for a good few months now, and it’s fair to say I have a rather large addiction to the game.

Unlike the original Stick Cricket – free in the App Store – where the aim was to slog bowlers out of the ground, Stick Cricket Super Sixes now makes you take on a machine, the Bowlomatic 3000, hell bent on wiping you out…

The slogan for the game is ‘simple to play, difficult to master’ and it’s fair to say that assessment is spot on. There are two buttons: hit left, hit right. That’s the simple part sorted. It’s definitely one of the most frustratingly good games I’ve played in a long time as the various difficulty in levels can trip you up at any given time. And that’s where the difficult part comes in.

The first levels are fairly easy to surpass but once you get to level 5, the Bowlomatic 3000 starts bringing some dirty tricks from up its sleeve. Watch out for a huge spotlight being shone into your eyes making visibility limited or the incredibly hard invisiball level.

The HD graphics have been massively improved from the first outing. That along with the longevity of the game make it one of my all time favorite iOS games, which is good considering I’m not really the world’s biggest cricket fan.

My top score so far is a whopping 855 runs and I have managed to get up to level 19. If you can beat this, I’d love to know about it. Screenshots please!

Check out the promo video below from the developers at Stick Sports:

I follow the developers on twitter (@StickSports) and they have been kind enough to offer iDB readers the chance to win 1 of 5 promotional codes for Stick Cricket Super Sixes. All you have to do to enter is to leave a comment below telling us why you should win. Make sure to leave your Twitter username as well as winners will be contacted by DM (yes, that means you have to follow iDB on Twitter).

If you’re unlucky enough not to win one this time around, you can grab a copy of the game from the App Store for the extremely reasonable price of $0.99.

  • I think I should win because my iphone finds my gaming lightning enjoyable and interesting. I also spend a lot of time on an apple product to be experienced about gaming and this app would allow me to do that better.

  • I should win because play Stick Cricket is the only way to play Cricket in this small city in Brazil.

  • Sai

    I should win cause I’m a hugee fan of cricket
    And this game is one of the few cricket games on the app

  • I just heard about this game and you Daniel Marks make it sound like the game to have . So….. I must have it (for free I might add)!

  • I think i sould win! That’s it! LOL Great game! i’d like to try it! @seNNteNNce

  • I would like to win because u havent bought any good apps for a long time lately and I’ll like to get this game becuase it looks fun with some good graphics!


    Twitter- @kingmoe738

  • Anonymous

    I think i should win because I am number 7. Lol @jlsk8r

  • Tan

    I should win this game because I’m definately can beat Your 855 runs and break level 19. 😛

    • Tan

      twitter: tck1an

  • ive been playing stick cricket for awhile ive always played it on my computer and when it was released onto ios i downloaded it straight away but sadly i haven’t been able to enjoy the game to its fullest i have not been able to purchase the full version and i think that recieving this game from iDB would be a gift come true finally getting access to a full version of stick cricket
    twitter @JB_UNIT24

  • Donovan Wynter

    as a west indian and a big fan of cricket and iDB i think i definetely should win a copy of this 🙂

  • i would absolutely love to win this game cuz i am the biggest cricket fan 😀 i reside in belgium and there is no way to play cricket here 🙁 i would love to win this apppp
    please pick me
    ps for today’s game : Go Pakistan <3

    twitter username :usamaahmed34

  • Anonymous

    “Hit a Home Run” – are these developers serious, this is cricket not baseball! 😐

    • There is a level in the game where you face baseball pitches from the Bowlomatic.

      • Maybe you should make a Stick Baseball to appease the fans.

      • It is on (an admittedly rather long) to do list… 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Lol ok, as long as you repay the minor insult to our wonderful game in your upcomming baseball version by “Hitting A Six” over the pitcher 🙂

      • Ha! We might just do that… 🙂

  • i should not win!!! please! i don’t want to win. >.<


  • Tom

    I think I should win because I need a decent new game. The last good game I purchased was Angry Birds!

  • i should win this game because i am from one of the cricket playing nation and there are not too many cricket apps….and i already tried this game on my friends iphone and i reached level 25 with 1000+ score…if u want any confirmation i can told u the sequence of levels and its tricks…like hitting a red ball with all lives left there will be a surprise over 😀

  • Googly for a Duck……………


  • Anonymous

    I’ve been waiting for a sweet cricket game like this! Gimme! @jdshorrock

  • I should win because I’m tired of shooting zombies and killing hookers.


  • rapid rapi

    1. Cricket is my fav sport
    2. we won our second world-cup in 2011 🙂 🙂
    3. We have leading run score “SACHIN”

  • Being a big fan of cricket i couldnt resist myself to give a try for this game. I have played this game on my friends phone and this is awesome…. !! Am so addicted now that am using his phone most of the time !! I scored 877 n reached to level 27 😀 !! I already play the other version of stick cricket app and also the online version.!! Have been playing Stick cricket for like more than 6 yrs now and am big fan of this !! Hope i get the promotion code !!

  • Thanks! looks awesome game to pass my time.

  • Punit

    I have reached till 60 levels and score is 2259 🙂
    with 153 sixes and 135 fours

  • The king

    I got 930 so does that mean I win I have proof too