Afraid a thief might try to snag your iPhone while out an about? Well, don’t look for Anti-Theft to help you. By the time you hear the alarm sounded by this jailbreak tweak, any such thief will be long gone.

Anti-Theft can, however, assist you in a small classroom or work environment. Maybe. Okay who are we kidding? If you’re relying on a tweak like this to keep your iPhone secure, it’s probably already gone by now.

Anti-Theft works by sounding an alarm, turning on the flash, and turning on vibration when your headphones are unplugged from your iPhone, and/or when your device is removed from your pocket.

My main issue with this is that no real thief is going to care about the iPhone’s alarm, as all he or she has to do is go in and disable the tweak, or simply turn the volume down to shut it up.

If you’re in a more intimate environment, though, it may be enough to startle the suspect. That could allocate you just enough time to I.D. the perp.

Another thing I notified is that Anti-Theft uses the iPhone’s proximity sensor. I had very mixed results testing this. The point is that it will sound the alarm if the device is removed from your pocket, even if your headphones aren’t plugged in. Ultimately that could lead to a faster draining battery, and wasn’t always 100% reliable in my tests.

Thankfully, Anti-Theft is free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, because I couldn’t honestly see paying for such a lackluster attempt at iPhone security. The best security is to not have it taken to begin with.

How do you go about securing your iPhone while out an about?

  • Ha! Pickpockets are fucked now!

  • Monit Ganatra

    F secure was a great anti theft app in Nokia… It use to send SMS to predefined numbers if sim card was changed and lock the phone.. Infact someone could easily remote lock and wipe the phone by sending a predefined SMS with the password… Do we have something like it in Cydia?

    • Yup, for ex iProtect.

      • Monit Ganatra

        Had iprotect but some thing went wrong and it popped up on the lock screen with keyboard not activating. Thanks to siri I was able to open settings and activator to restart the phone…

    • If you are on iOS 4.3 or later, there’s a function to lock and wipe the phones data remotely. For iOS 4.3, the feature is free and you can activate if though MobileMe on you iDevice. If you are on iOS 5 and above, the feature is part of iCloud called Find my iPhone. Once setup, you’ll be able to track, lock (including setting up a pin), display a MSG w/ a sound and even wipe the data.

      Hope this helps.

    • Nicc

      Yes (FindMyIphone) u can get it in the app store, follow the instructions when u install it, or u can get (iCaughtUpro) from cydia “this is a preferred tweak”

  • I’m trusting iCaughtU pro. So far so good 🙂

  • What if the theif takes the head phones as well. Will it sound an alarm? I’m guessing no.

  • Check out ‘Prey’ it’s available for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS & Android. Prey hides itself in your system so you can track it if it’s stolen and sends a lot of data to you such as iSight and front facing camera photos and the location of your stolen device.

  • Asger Drewsen


  • Anonymous

    Blackberry Bold ad in the description of the app. LOL

  • If you don’t like the tweak why bother making a post about it? Waste of time

    • Nicc

      To let others know its useless… Use ur brain

  • I think [Thief Buster] is working better. However it seems no longer available in AppStore.

  • The Find My iPhone alarm makes more sound than that!

  • Nicc

    That tweak was 100% useless to me, good call ref.