PushTone is a jailbreak tweak that allows you to customize audible push notifications on an app to app basis.

That means that you can change something like the standard Tweetbot notification into a duck quack, or any of the other alerts and ringtones available in the ringtone library.

If you’ve been looking for a convenient method for customizing your alerts down to the app level, then look no further than PushTone…

PushTone requires iOS 5, and only works with apps that are capable of sending out audible push alerts.

Whether or not the $1.99 asking price is worth it to you will depend on how deep you want to take your iPhone’s customization. There are of course other methods for doing this, such as outright replacing the sounds via the iPhone’s file structure, but PushTone is one of the more elegant options.

Another nice thing that I appreciate about PushTone is that you can outright kill all of the custom tones by utilizing a kill switch found in the Settings app.

If you’re interested, head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo where you can download it today, and don’t forget to let me know what you think about it below.

  • Sweet, I’ve been doing this by swapping files, this should make it 1000% easier.

  • Anonymous

    personally, i would prefer using this app due to the convenience and simplicity vs changing the file structure. after all, i feel i spend enough time with my head buried in my phone

  • Ringer x VIP came with an update that does this. Recently came out

  • Would be awesome if you’ll able to customize the vibration too…

  • Good old days.. Free tweaks. RIP to free tweaks.

  • hey jeff, is your phone making a double tone when you get a notification? i swear my tweetbot push sound doesn’t make the same sound as yours.

    • You don’t want it. It’s a bug with a tweak, mines does the same thing with all apps with notification sounds and I can’t figure which tweak it making it do that 🙁

    • Joshua Rawlings

      Do you still want it? You still want it don’t you!

    • I specifically just searched out this post because of this exact reason. It’s driving me nuts! Have you figured out a fix?

  • God Bless whoever made this tweak. I don’t have to SSH anymore.

  • Anonymous

    I love the way this tweak integrates seamlessly into the exisiting notification settings. One of those tweaks that feels like it should have been implemented by Apple to begin with.

    Well worth the money.

    • same here. just seems like it should’ve always been there.

  • Does it support custom tones or only system tones? I was using toneFX 2 to do this but there’s a bug that stops music/sounds playing in certain other apps and doesn’t resume. Annoying bug that they havent fixed in over 6-7 months now. I’ve emailed them enough about it.

    • Byron de Waal

      Yeah, does it support custom tones?
      Can someone not make a tweak that will allow us to select custom tones for Whatsapp

    • it does support custom tones.


    Hi Jeff… Can you check if this works with mail and/or lockinfo?
    I have lockinfo installed and notification center is replaced by lockinfo’s infoshade… PushTone crashes my Settings app when I try to see notification settings for mail…

  • This app hasn’t worked at all for me yet… 2 dollars wasted.

  • This tweak sounds and looks awesome, but I was having trouble with it and bitesms. All my texts were using the standard tri-tone and when I installed the tweak, I stopped getting audible alerts for all of my texts. Anyone know why?

  • Rachie Fridkin

    ah! i have been looking for something like this since i started JBing and using google voice! I can’t stand the tri-tone sound and with no better gv app out there, i dealt with it but I’m so glad i can finally assign a different sound for when those texts come in!!

  • i need this for iOS6, some apps have terrible notification sounds

  • SweKiwi

    As soon as I send, delete, forward och reply to an e-mail on my computer (gmail) my phone vibrates and makes a sound. How do I get rid of this?

    I only want the sound and vibration to be used when I send an e-mail.


    Edit: I use “Mailbox” for my e-mails on the iPhone.