Nothing makes a long car ride go by faster than listening to your favorite music, which is obviously played through your iOS device. There are many stereos and FM transmitters that will allow you to play music from your iOS device to your car’s stereo, but nothing that quite lets you integrate it into the dash.

We’re huge fans of Kickstarter and have shown you many projects from there before, and today we’re here to show you a concept called ‘Dash‘ that lets you easily integrate your iOS device into your car’s dashboard…

The Dash replaces your car’s current stereo, allowing you to play music, talk on the phone, and even stream movies from your iOS device to an external monitor. Dash’s founder, Paul Lizer, says the Dash will ship with instructions that will guide you on how to easily install it.

With the abundance of apps on the iTunes App Store, like Pandora, iHeartRadio and Netflix, iOS devices are perfect to replace your in-car stereo. And with the Dash’s calling capabilities, it could make for a safer driving experience too.

Paul Lizer is asking for $45,000 to get the project off the ground. Currently the Dash has 181 backers, giving it $38,000 in total funding, with 30 days left to gain more.

The Dash plans to retail for $300, but if you pledge money to get the project off the ground, you only have to pay $250. In the $250 bundle you get one Dash and an iPhone 4/4S faceplate. Lizer says they’ll be adding more faceplates for other devices later on.

Will you be purchasing the Dash?

  • dont use your cellphone while you are driving. Period. Wherever you place your phone DOES NOT matter.

    • Anonymous

      I agree, it makes no difference if you’re physically holding the phone and texting, anything that takes away your attention from the road is a bad thing.

      • Shugo Asakura

        So we should remove your car stereo, because by your reasoning that’s a bad thing.

      • lol Ikr. Was just thinking that myself. The car stereo is no different.

  • Anonymous

    $300 when you can do all that with a $5 holder and a $10 transmitter, the only thing you can’t do for that is watch movies on a diff monitor but for $300 he can keep it, i’ve seen some decent kickstarter projects but this is not 1 of them.

  • The idea itself seems nice but I don’t think it would win people over and take the market by storm. Mostly due to the position of the phone on the dashboard which in most cars is obviously pretty low (hence the navigation wouldn’t be that convenient), and secondly- how would you make it fit into various dashboards? Thirdly, the price seems rather hefty.

  • I’m gonna have to go with the consensus on this one it’s a great idea and great ingenuity I just don’t feel it has a place to get any market share right now there are a couple if main factors the first being the sideways position of the phone and the low level as well that being said pioneer and Jvc both make radios with built in Bluetooth technology that not only can do all this with a 5$ stand but is much safer and more easy on the eyes and they retail less then 300 as well

  • What GPS app is he using?

  • KewlDewd

    This isn’t the first. I’m looking at the O Car by a company called Oxygen Audio. Theirs lets you rotate/tilt/swivel the iphone into the ideal position. It’s been around a while now. Anyone tried that one?

  • Would be AWESOME with SbRotator and LsRotator 🙂

  • No way! I love my Kensington LiquidAUX Deluxe Auxiliary Car Kit. The dock charges my iPhone 4S and trasmits crystal clear audio so I don’t ever need to plug in an aux cable through my headphone jack. But my favorite feature is that it comes with a wireless steering wheel remote to pause, play, skip, or shuffle tracks without touching your iPhone or iPod. I bought this a long time ago but I’ve seen it online for up to $120. I don’t remember paying that much but I think it’s still worth it since it adjusts to different iPod and iPhone sizes.

  • Anonymous

    I sold my sprint 4s to the guy who invented that thing 2 months ago in Phoenix, AZ. I asked him for a prototype but he did not give me 1. Small world lol, what I don’t like about in no portrait mode.

    PS: sold him my sprint 4s to get att

  • My car as stereo can be controlled on the steering whell but I don’t think the iPhone can

  • Anonymous

    Oh good, he immediately starts texting while driving…

  • creed waters

    this isnt new. i brought a head unit just like this, infact it was identical over a year ago from japan. the only difference is mine was black and just as pointless. cheaper too. $150