Do you have a jailbreak related question that you’ve just been dying to find an answer to? Do you want to discuss all things Apple with the folks at iDB? If so, then be sure to tune into the latest episode of Ask Jeff.

In the first episode of the year, Jeff tackles questions regarding the rumored Apple Television, the iPhone 2G, the best jailbreak tweak for the iPhone, Cydia errors on refreshing, and much, much, much more…

Finding the Secret

This week’s episode theme is “Finding the Secret”. I’m not going to give away what that means, but perhaps you’ll be able to figure it out after watching?

How to Ask Jeff

Most of you guys know the drill by now, but just in case this is your first time watching, here’s the deal. Just leave a question that you want answered in the comment section below, and we will do our best to answer it on the next episode.

We’ve already received 100+ comments on the video’s YouTube page, meaning there’s going to be a lot of questions to choose from, so make it a good one!

Questions featured in this episode:

Got a question. What happen when you got to cydia and then refresh. My shows red stuff like error what’s does that mean?

-Killingtheft 5

hi Jeff,what is the thing you find amazing about your ipod touch 4th gen that your iphone 4 or 4s cant do well??


Hey Jeff, I don’t know if you’ll know the answer of my question but, I’m going to ask it anyway. My friend is going to send me an AT$T iPhone 4s but, with the new antenna system, will i be able to use the iPhone 4s on Verizon ? If so let me know, so i can tell my friend i want it.


Hey Jeff
Is iDownloadBlog is a group , team or Just You ??


If apple really released a tv, what top 5 functions are you looking for?


how to enable airplay mirroring on a non-A5 device like the iPhone 4?


What inspired your love for Apple products?


I’m new to jail breaking with my 4S, most of the things that I’ve tweaked on my phone, and even the jail breaking itself, were done off of iDB’s videos. Keep up the awesome work!
Should I buy an iPad or save and put that money towards a sweet apple laptop? I have an android tablet, which I’ve rooted, but am now loading full of kid apps for my son.


your house is on fire, what would be the first gadget you get and escape ?


hey jeff, love your videos…
wondering if there is a jailbreak app/tweak for iOS’s photo stream? Thanks.


Hey Jeff! I love your videos but could you please tell me what notification center background you have in your QuickTweet video? Thanks in advance!


Hey Jeff, Will you guys at iDB be working on an official App Store app for iDownloadBlog?


What is your overall must have tweak?


You never post how to install nito tv in a apple tv please do it


I bet your iPhone 2g is still working. =)


Do you use screen protector on your iPhone 4S or 4? The screen looks extremely crisp.


can you get banner notification insteed of popup alert on lowbattery warning and those kind of popup alerts?


Hey Jeff, I see that you have an iPhone 2G,what do you use it for & if so do you have whited00r’s firmware running on it? Best regards AppleTechelping


Yay for Mr Duckie! 😀
What I wanna know is how long it takes you to shoot, edit and upload your videos.


what can you do with a jailbrocken apple tv and how?



We also want your feedback on this week’s episode, so even if you don’t have a question in need of answering, let me know what you’d like to see, or what I can do better in the comments section. We’re going to do things a bit different this season, as we look to have more interactivity with our wonderful readers. You guys are the best.

  • Anonymous

    Jeff, what are the tweaks you’ve installed in your jailbroken 4s?

  • Hi,
    Springflash seems to be broken in iOS 5. Are there any plans for a fix for this?

    • Josh Hamilton

      Spring flash works for me on 4s

      • Huh, for me, when I activate Springflash, the lamp flashes on for a moment, then off. It then takes several seconds for it to turn on and stay on.

  • Hi Jeff, I was wondering, is there a foolproof way to trace a battery-draining jailbreak tweak on your iPhone? I am seeing my iPhone die completely in about 6 hrs, gotta help me here man.

  • The secret is either your number at the end or your face in the computer screen. I say the latter only because you never show it. Lol

  • Keith Wurst

    I would love to find a tweak that will hide the “battery” that appears on the background when I’m charging my iPhone. Any ideas? Thanks.

    • Hey Keith, I think the tweak that you are looking for is “NO LSB” which is available for free in the BigBoss repo. Check it out.

  • Keith Wurst

    I would love to find a tweak that will hide the battery image that appears in the background when my phone is charging. Any thoughts? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Enjoyed the lengthier video,thanks.

  • Anonymous

    No doubt the masses will hate what I have to say but seriously, why the f**k are people asking you dumb stuff like “what’s your favourite colour” or “why do you love Apple products”. No doubt some people are so boring that finding these pointless bits of info out makes their day but this is a blog about Apple products, apps, tweaks and Apple related news in general so it’s beyond me why people aren’t asking serious questions.

    I’m sure others agree that 99% of readers want to see questions regarding tweaks and apps etc, not the kind of stuff u’d be asking on msn or some gay forum where you’re trying to form some kind of internet relationship with total strangers … All i’m saying is can’t we keep it Apple related and less personal stuff that has little or no interest to any other than the question asker.

    • Dear BatesOut maybe you will hate what I have to say … I hope you will crash with your iPhone and you cannot find any solution that works….then you will ask Jeff……don’t cray when it happens …

  • Hey Jeff,
    I’m running Siri through Spire sucessfully. As I’m a music lover and I really wanted to have “Sirilovelyrics” a jailbreak tweak, but when ever I try to buy it..its shows your device is not capable and it needs an iPhone 4S! Now what to do? 🙁


  • Found the number because I left the video running to scroll down and read comments. Had headphones in while watching and that ding made me jump at my desk lol

  • Found the number because I left the video running to scroll down and read comments. Had headphones in while watching and that ding made me jump at my desk lol

  • Jeff. With a new firmware right around the corner… Can you explain the best way to get back to 5.0.1 if you have your shsh saved. Also what errors we might encounter doing so. Just incase an idevice crashes and you need to restore.

    • Anonymous

      Great question imo. Perhaps the answer warrants a video demoing the process too.

  • Hi Jeff, thanks for your help the other day I need your help please I have one problem on my iphone 4 with iOS5 homescreen…always the same problem…this is the 5th time , can you believe it?!! ”No Wiggle Icons” …it’s very annoying because if I try to do something that involve rebooting the phone to solve the glitch the i4 is going to freeze and the white Apple logo will appear….and then I have to re-jailbreak…So the only chance is to find out wich package or app or tweak or theme is not compatible inside the system…..This time after five times it happens I have been very carefull installing one application after another and checking if everything was ok..for coulple of weeks averything was fine I updated Cydia and boom another time this annoying No Wiggling icons….I tried un-install the last 30-40 apps…and tweaks…. nothing I couldn’t find which app or theme is creating the problem… 2 days ago I nearly un-installed everything nothing…I was going mad…I have to live with No wiggle icons another time or clean the phone re-jailbreak and re-install all the packages.. Do you know what can be the app that is stopping the icons to wiggle…I google it and I know there are few but I don’t have any of them!! Any solution??. Thanks Jeff

  • Anonymous

    Does Sara (siri alternative) work with other Siri tweaks such as siritoggles, Myassistant, etc? Or is there a way to make it work?

  • Anonymous

    Does Sara (siri alternative) work with other Siri tweaks such as siritoggles, Myassistant, etc? Or is there a way to make it work?

  • Where can I find a working link to locoos5 theme? I need the sbsettings theme! Please help and thanks in advance.

  • When I download spire on my iPhone 4 and iPad 2 I loose functionality in my keyboard and I can’t check my mail. I’ve tried respringing and rebooting and nothing woks. Do you know ho to fix this?

  • David Matusow

    Hey Jeff,

    How did you make your cool comic logo that you use for your twitter avatar, etc.?

  • Hey Jeff you can use the REMOTE app from the store to control your Apple TV 2g. Been doing it for a long time.

  • Yep, how to disable the auto correct feature completely, like turning it off from the system like the ability in Springtomize to shut down the telephony service for example…

    • It’s already in the settings app 🙂 Go to settings > general > keyboards and turn off auto correction


  • Hey Jeff,
    How did you create the cartoon version of yourself?

  • i own a factory unlock iPhone 4s 16gb jailbreak with the initial absinthe , so i crashed it while installing sms+ when i turned it on it shows apple logo then a white circle and then hangs in there for ever, i was wondering if i restore will i loose my unlock help pls

    • sn0wbaLL

      if its factory unlocked then no, you cant get locked, ever

  • Mohammad Memon

    Hi Jeff I was wondering what is the 3 dots in your notification center. Are those pages in notification center. My notification center is getting full so this would be great for me.

  • Jeff, when will there be a tweak for visual voice mail, so that a voice mail can be forwarded to someone else or perhaps sent to an email?

  • Cloudi Windi

    Hey Jeff,
    Is there a tweak that lock the video sensor. I mean when you watch a video on YouTube app, Protube app or other app when you touch the screen so the play menu or volume menu don’t pop up unless you use some activator to disable/enable it. Sorry for poor English.

  • WE WANT EMULATORS!! What emulators work on ios 5?

  • Hey does anyone know what case jeff uses on his ipad


  • Tan

    hey jeff,
    when is pocketmode gonna update to compatible with ios5?

  • Hey Jeff,

    How come you never show your face? It’s about time we see the face behind the voice. 😀

  • Hey Jeff,

    This has been bugging me. When I remove jailbreak tweaks, i sometimes re-install them and when I do, all the settings for that particular tweak are still on my phone. Is there anyway to COMPLETELY remove this data? I feel like there is all sorts of useless information floating around on my device. Thanks!

  • I tried calling the secret number but it didn’t work, maybe because I’m in London.

    What I was going to ask was,

    Which tweaks cause the biggest lag in performance and battery life? Which tweaks do you avoid? How many tweaks is too many tweaks?

  • Eric Zeiberg

    Hey Jeff,
    Can you get siri plugins on paid siri servers. I here there are some good plugins and I want to run them on my siri but I am using someone elses proxy

  • Anonymous

    The answer for the AT&T iPhone on Verizon is yes call Verizon and ask for a global micro sim and activate it by going to my Verizon on a computer or call them on a landline phone give them the meid

  • Jeff, what does the rest of your desk look like? I’m a fan of tastefully done workspaces, and from the small look we got in the video, it looks like you have one.

  • Hey Jeff, ever since jail breaking my iPhone 4S, I’ve experienced sub-par battery life. At first I was okay with sacrificing battery for added functionality, but now its just kind of irritating. Should I restore and lose IntelliscreenX and the like, or is there some tweak that is known to kill battery life, or some way that you know to make it last longer? To give you a better idea, my phone usually dies after about 5 hours in sleep mode, or 3 hours of constant use.

  • Leo Sack

    Every time Install pdanet and turn on ad hoc and I turn it off it breaks my wifi so I can’t connect to wifi without resetting network settings or sometimes even restoring. Do you know a fix? iOS 5.0.1 iPhone 3GS

  • Does anybody know a tweak that will let you control a docked iPod from the iPod app itself. I connect it to my car USB and I get a white screen.