Last week into this weekend has been iPad 3 rumor central. We first saw images of the purported tablet, hints of an A5X processor instead of an A6, and Samsung Retina displays in production. Tonight, comes another iPad 3 rumor.

Reputable for their rumors, MIC Gadget has posted a rumor roundup of all of the latest on the iPad 3. In the post, MIC Gadget has posted the iPad 2 and iPad 3 side-by-side, revealing how much more tapered the iPad 3 really is…

Not only do the leaked images expose that the iPad 3 will have more of a gradual taper, it will also remain around the same thickness of the iPad 2. However in the first shot, it appears the iPad 3’s volume rocker and mute switch are seeing a slight redesign.

There have been iPad 3 cases leaked by many blogs, all looking about the same.

The iPad 3 is rumored to be announced on March 7th at a special media event held in California by Apple. Launching a few days later, the purported tablet is rumored to rock a Retina display, bigger battery, upgraded cameras, and an upgraded processor.

The iPad 3 should also launch with iOS 5.1, which will pack new wallpapers, Siri support, and a new camera slider on the Lock Screen.

Are you getting excited yet?


  • CJ

    it looks thicker

  • since when does iOS 5.1 have Siri support?

    • the beta doesn’t, but it has rumored to launch in the final version

  • cant wait

  • Yea I agree with that guy ^^ , it’s significantly thicker right??

  • ….to thick:( Guess Im staying with my 2 until the 4 comes out

    • Bosun Oshikoya

      Are you serious?! You’re basing your purchasing decision on a rumor picture?

      Since when did apple make thick devices?

      • since they need a bigger, fatter battery to power that power hog of a screen! i’m buying!

  • Will wait for a jailbreak before selling off my iPad 2 and upgrading.

  • Max


  • it’s a lie. it’s impossible to has the 3 one wider than the 2 one

  • Anonymous

    how had nobody mentioned that the speaker is apparently moved to the side?

  • Dan

    glad to see there isn’t much of a change in the case, I’ll be keeping my iPad 2 till 4 comes out

  • Looks thicker and I doubt apple will make a thicker one and loose the battle of the thinnest tablet. I’ll wait till march to believe this rumor.