Graviboard is one of the most famous jailbreak tweaks of all time, so I was shocked that we had never covered it on video before.

Today, the legendary tweak was updated with iOS 5 support. What better way to celebrate than to give it a thorough video walkthrough?

Graviboard works flawlessly on iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads. If you’ve yet to check it out, be sure to have a look at our prior coverage of Graviboard.

For existing users of Graviboard, version 2 is a free update. All other users can head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo to purchase it for $2.99.

Are you a longtime Graviboard user? Let us know your thoughts about the latest update in the comments section.

  • jeft … when is the release date for the weeroll cydia tweak ?

    • im not sure but you can download weeroll lite from the modmyi repo

  • Does Graviboard work inside folders?

    • Haven’t tried with stock folders, but it does not work with FolderEnhancer.

  • What about the battery consume with this app?

  • Anonymous

    Why would anybody want this?

    • Its a great way to confuse friends when handing your phone over to them to use real quick. The look on my friends face was priceless.

      Though I admit the $3 price tag is ridiculous for a tweak that is purely cosmetic and serves no practical utility.

  • Imahottguy

    Sweet! I love this tweak, it really goes to show the creativeness of iOS devs. Not to say that they are better than other devs for other platforms. Why would anyone want this? Why not, my son thinks it is hilarious, my family thinks that it is a cool effect.

  • I don’t hate this tweak, but I hate the price tag….

  • Dan

    crap crashed my phone, happy I tried out the ‘free’ version first

  • Anonymous

    Not to mention the tweak called “DivByZero”…

  • I installed this I used it for hours and then my iPad 2 5.0.1 16gb ran out of charge all my icons went wired I Alison saw this with motion

  • I really like Graviboard. I paid for this today but it doesn’t work on my iPhone with resized icons by Springtomize. On my iPad 2 it works pretty good!