There have been plenty of rumors surrounding iPad 3 specs and launch date. The iPad 3 is rumored to have a Retina display, upgraded cameras, LTE, possibility of Siri, and a quad-core processor. Apple is rumored to announce the iPad 3 on March 7th, and ship it a few days later.

Tonight, Apple Daily has leaked some pretty interesting pictures of what they say is the iPad 3. They have posted a supposed over-head image of the iPad 3, revealing slightly more tapered edges and redesigned camera…

Apply Daily has also posted a picture of the first-gen iPad, iPad 2, and supposed iPad 3 side-by-side. You can tell the slight difference between the iPad 3 and iPad 2, specifically around the edges and camera.

What’s interesting about the leaked photos is there is no Apple markings besides the Apple logo itself. The images do look to match up with already leaked cases, however.

Apple has also reportedly been pushing select developers to finish their iOS apps, so Apple can demo them on stage during the iPad 3 announcement and in iPad 3 commercials.

At any rate, the iPad 3 announcement doesn’t appear to be that far off.

What do you think of tonight’s leaked images?


  • Cant wait. What would be faster. To preorder it (in the us) or just drive to the store the first day?

    • I think that if you can be awake between 1 am- 6 am, you would consider a pre-order, you would receive a day before the stores start to sell. What country are you now?

      • Arkansas, United states of America. I also think I should pre-order it because the apple store will be packed that day. Not just from people buying it, but people wanting to go in there and see it.

  • Francisco Barbieri

    I can’t wait to buy my iPad 3.
    Will have to wait a bit longer though as I live in Australia

  • Am I looking at this wrong, or does the Apple logo seem to indicate a default landscape orientation?

    • You are blind

      • I see that now 😛

        In my defense, it was 2am here and I had been up since 8am and only gotten 4 hours of sleep the night before. So you can see why the perspective looked a little screwy to me. 😉

        On another note, what is that black strip along the top? I haven’t owned an iPad yet, has that always been there?

      • The black strip is for the 3G (or 4G??) antenna. Personally I think getting the 3G iPad is pointless because I only use it at home anyways. I’m getting wifi only.

  • What about me…i have no money saved to buy the new iPad…and i live in Brazil….THE MOST EXPENSIVE PLACE TO BUY APPLE GADGETS IN THE WORLD!!thats it folks…I HAVE TO WAIT 1 MONTH AFTER THE RELEASE TO ARRIVE IT HERE..AND THEN,THE PRICE IS TWICE THAN IN US. Sad story

    • Kind of same story in india…iphone 4s for 45k…$1000…cummon apple…
      We indians love you, show some sympathy…:))

      • Yeah right… We pay $1100 in Mexico

    • Its cheap but its locked. Outside US its expensive coz its unlocked. Here in SG its afew hundred bucks more.

      • US ipads are unlocked already, even the CDMA models, problem with CDMA is that you have to configure, which is not an easy task if you’re not familiar with phone prl, esn’s, min’s and mdn’s and provisions profiles

      • Correcto! But still Brazil still has rip-off pricing! Dang!

    • you are tottaly screwed by brazilian taxes and government issues about imported and even brazilian own eletronics factories, sad story, GLAD I’m not there anymore 😀


  • Super yummy,’m really looking forward to it coming on the street 🙂

  • I hope it comes quick to Denmark

  • Howard Ellacott

    And the iPad 2S was born.

  • What I see is a failed attempt to pretend that some pictures of the iPad 2s were leaked by Apple Daily.

  • Good thing I returned my iPad 2 before the 14 days return policy expiration 😀

  • Whoaaaaaaa! These subtle differences between iPad 2 and [rumored]iPad 3 are really getting to me! I mean, I can TOTALLY tell that that is an iPad 3 and not an iPad 2. Psh…. rumor starters these days.

    (not criticizing idb. the rumor starter, yes. i see the differences in the two pictures, but, come on? if you have a part of it, why not take a picture of the whole thing? it’s not like the person who photographed this only has the back left side of it.)