It’s sure to be a battery drainer, but for those looking for sound effects while swiping between screens, Screen Swipe Sounds is an interesting solution.

For $0.99, the developer has provided over a dozen sounds and the ability to enable vibration when swiping between pages on your iDevice.

The only downside (besides the obvious battery issue) is that the sound selection is quite abysmal. Listen in on our hands-on video inside…

I’m not normally someone who harps about battery life and things of that nature, but it’s obvious, if you have sound and vibration happening with every swipe of your Home screen, your battery isn’t going to last very long.

Battery worries aside, Screen Swipe Sounds is sure to appeal to many in the jailbreak community. It’s just too bad that the sound effects that come bundled with it are so utterly terrible.

If you’re interested and your device is jailbroken, head over to the BigBoss repo where you can download it.

What do you think about those “sound effects”?

  • Are you kidding me?

  • If the sounds aren’t appealing you could just simply use iFile and create and add as many sounds as you want into the application. I do it all the time.

  • Dan

    I always get tired of sound effect tweaks after a few minutes

  • Please explain how to do this.


  • Brotherman7

    I wish it worked with iOS 5.1.1 when I upgraded this is the only tweak that I couldn’t take along, and I miss it!!!!