Apple has been seeding beta versions of iOS 5.1 to developers for almost three months now. And the most recent version, beta 3, was released more than a month ago. Apple is expected to unveil the new software alongside its iPad 3 next month.

That being said, the folks over at BlogdoiPhone are claiming that they’ve managed to acquire a Pre-GM version of iOS 5.1. And among the new features they’ve discovered, is a new Lock Screen camera icon (pictured above)…

Introduced in iOS 5 last year, the Lock Screen camera icon can be activated on any device (with a camera) by double tapping the home button. This helps users quickly access their device’s camera, without the need for multiple taps.

BlogdoiPhone’s purported screenshot from iOS 5.1, however, shows a camera icon that is constantly present. And instead of a stationary image, it’s a slider. Sliding up on the icon appears to instantly reveal the Camera app. Cool.

The other big discovery in the new software is a Japanese language setting for Siri. We’ve been hearing reports that this would happen sooner, rather than later, so no surprise here.

We obviously can’t verify any of the above information/images, but for what it’s worth, Apple has been known to seed pre-release versions of iOS to carriers and other parties for testing prior to public rollouts.

PS, if the report does turn out to be false, can someone in the jailbreak community make the Lock Screen camera icon slider thing happen? Thanks.


  • I like this method of opening the Camera.

    • better than double tapping the stupid home button then tapping the camera icon. just slide up. one action instead of 3. good job crapple! 😉

      • Um.. no, it’s 2 actions: tap the home button once (to show the lock-screen) and then slide up.
        2 actions instead of 3 – Wow… this is useless, they should think about more useful stuff to add…

  • I hope iOS 5.1 doesn’t add anything TOO cool. I want it to be amazing for the iPad 3, and i just don’t want to have to update on my iPhone 4. Unless geohot has some spare time?

  • Lol I read everything at MacRumors ir 9to5 Mac, and in the end the same thing at iDownloadBlog
    You guys should be faster because this is the very first blog I started reading and its because of iDB that I read others
    So please.. be faster..?

    • Maybe you should just slow down.

      • Its not about slowing down.. Have u heard “late news is no news”?
        Its kinda like that.. Mostly iDBs the last one to report a news..
        I just want my favorite blog to be faster
        I dont think anythings wrong with that

      • Just saying. If your so unhappy with IDB then maybe they really aren’t your favorite blog. I am sure they are going as fast as possible. It isn’t always about speed you know. Can’t be too hasty, otherwise your facts may not be straight. Wouldn’t you rather a story that is accurate and has substance rather than an anemic inaccurate one?

  • Javier Gore

    Any word as to whether or not this patches jailbreak ?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, apparently 5.1 patches the jailbreak exploit that is currently in use

      • Anonymous

        Obviously, you think apple wouldn’t patch it after it’s been around this long?

  • Spanish support for Siri would be appreciated too

    • I don’t believe the iPhone is sold in Mexico, is it?

      • Thats kinda sterotypical. Mexico isn’t the only country that speaks Spanish.

      • I didn’t mean it to be. Let me rephrase. “I don’t think the iPhone is sold in Mexican-speaking countries, is it?”

      • Anonymous

        Spanish speaking countries? All of south America speaks spanish, Columbia, Peru, Ecuador etc.

      • pukka, go to brazil and tell them they are speaking spanish

      • Anonymous

        I had to like your other comment about “mexican speaking countries” lol .. me thinks you have that1 all arse about face lol

      • Oh jeez…It’s been a LONG day. I can’t believe I actually typed that…lol.

        The point is, if it isn’t sold that well in Spanish-speaking countries, why would Apple focus on it?

      • Only if you buy it with your sister

      • David Villamizar

        just to be clear, it was an accidental like lol

      • Man, there are 20 millons of iphones just in mexico.

      • Really El Gato? Can you show me where you got that stat, or did you just WAY over-exaggerate?

      • Anonymous

        Bro, just, shut up. Typical stuck-up American.

  • Uhh, didn’t you guys just review a jb tweak called locksliderz that would allow this to happen. ANyways, there’s your answer, Cody, locksliderz.

    • Not the same.

    • Flashcam is way better….. You get to choose between the camera or a flashlight and your phone stays locked. If Apple was gonna do it they should have done it right…..

  • BlogdoiPhone if this is really true I hope you could make it downloadable or how about posting a video showing its new features?

  • If this is true and there not ment to have it…oh not tell apple you got it , oh yes , you just told everyone

  • There coming out with 5.1, where is the fix for the battery issues we have now with 5.0 because 5.0.1 certainly was a scam to try to shut people up. That issue seemed to have died a quite death. Between Apple & AT&T I don’t know which is worst. Apple put out a flawed OS and never fixed it. Then on top of that AT&T is slowing down users connection speeds.

    What a freaking joke on both of there parts….

    • Anonymous

      Yes, that’s the 1 no.complaint among 4S users (yahoo it), including myself. My jailbroken 4S barely gets through the day on a single charge for me. This is not the case for my SGS2, which easily carries me into the following day.

  • and “no sim card installed”, “no sim” error?? when apple fix it? it is embarrasing…

  • Before this drops…is there any validity to the idea that you should do a “fresh” restore/jailbreak after a while? I’ve heard this several places, but I’ve never thought of iOS being fundamentally built like say, Windows, and needing that treatment. Thoughts?

    • Unlesss you go crazy on jailbreak tweaks, no, not really. I’ve never had major issues, except with my first jailbreak when I went all out with theming, tweaks and whatnot. Now I’ve settled and only use the most essential tweaks, not even including sbsettings. I am a very heavy app user though, so that is not a stability factor.

  • Anonymous

    iOS 5 was a goddamn abortion. I hear iOS 4.3.3 was freaking golden, unfortunately I was too late.

    • So instead of double tap + tap. It will be double tap + tap swipe. Having to tap the icon then swipe it up takes a little more effort. Smooth move apple :S

    • How so? The jailbreak itself is amazingly faster not to mention all the new features.

  • sorry maurid, that was not suppose to be a reply to you personally, i really should pay better attention to where i click 😛