Today Apple took the wraps off of OS X Mountain Lion (I know, we should have saw that one coming) and continuing with the movement started with its predecessor, OS X Lion, it borrows heavily from iOS.

In fact, you could say that OS X Lion’s iOS implants were rather mild compared to what Mountain Lion plans to offer. Apple is obviously serious about completely combining the best elements of iOS directly into its desktop operating system, and no where is this more evident than with Mountain Lion.

Like times past, Apple has released a video teaser outlining various components of their upcoming OS X update. You’re already aware of one of them — iMessage — but what are the others?

iOS features in OS X Mountain Lion

  • iCloud
  • iMessage
  • Reminders
  • Notes
  • Notification Center
  • Twitter
  • Share Sheets
  • Game Center
  • AirPlay Mirroring

The common thread for all of these iOS features is iCloud. Apple will harness iCloud to seamlessly sync each of the aforementioned features together across iPads, iPhone, iPod touches, and now, Macs. Without iCloud, these would amount to nothing more than disjointed copies from iOS. Now there’s a real, and I hate to use the term, but there’s a real “synergy” here.

What do you think about Apple’s continuing initiative to integrate iOS into its desktop operating system? Do you think this is a good thing, or do you believe that the two should remain evidently separate?

  • I think is a good move, for costumers and Apple, as well.
    We get iMessages (which should have been implemented in Lion) and some of the most useful apps from iOS, along with iCloud, Notification Center…
    They get more people into iOS and, ultimately, potential iPhone and/or iPad costumers.

    It’s a win-win, although I hope we get some “exclusive” features next summer.

    • I agree. I love it. It may kill some other 3rd party apps along the way, but so be it.

      • ron-mcse

        AirPlay mirroring to my jailbroken ATV2 is going to be awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Definitely a good thing. I don’t think that, if well implemented, there is anything wrong with all the devices you used having a uniform feel. It just feels natural and intuitive.
    And if you only use a mac (not any iOS device) it still feel like a great operating system by itself.

    Apple is headed in the right direction with this.

  • i love what they are doing with the Oses i hope they will also release a messages app combined with FaceTime for windows also that would make life much easier no more Skype and stuff like that….

    • Anonymous

      Yaron – you brought up an EXCELLENT point!!! Combine Facetime with iMessage so you can use that on your Mac as well as your iPhone or best yet Apple TV!!!

      That would be great to get rid of not only SKYPE, but also Vonage (who is trying to push their way in the door) and also FRING and QQ!

  • This might be a bit off subject but, when the HELL will apple run out of “Large feline” names for their OS? I mean, eventually all the big cat names will be used up, so what then, imaginary names?
    “OS X Pink Panther?” OR Thunder Cats Character names? “OS X Cheetara”? LMAO!

    • Anonymous

      You forgot OS Pussy 🙂

    • Something you are right is this topic is (wat) out of subject. Who cares???

  • Looks good

  • Matt Laser

    I don’t like this idea… all of this can be downloaded and installed separately , why make it has a new whole new OS X? New OS lost its meaning …

    • Asger Drewsen

      Precisely what I thought. I don’t need ANY of those features…

      • No one needs any of this but there will be a day when you think, thank god I don’t need to sync up with a cable!

      • That’s not the point. The point here is to overcome the fragmentation between OSX and iOS

  • This sounds like a great improvement. I want to try it out.

  • Howard Ellacott

    I wonder if siri will appear at some point on the mac… Would be interesting 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure it will eventually, only a matter of time.

    • Imahottguy

      lol, I hope you are kidding 😛

    • Anonymous

      Are people really that lazy nowadays !!

  • Deffinitly apple is doing the right thing but my only comment is that mountain lion, couldn’t apple have found a better picture or something?

  • Cool… But i do not have mac D:

    • Anonymous

      hehe. That’s about my only problem with all this too. I’m a Windows man, but now that I own 2 iPhones, an iPad2 and an ATV2G, I feel like I have slowly been sucked into Apple’s web 🙂 Problem is I love Windows, and like the look of where Windows 8 is headed with its Metro Interface and ARM support.

      There’s no way I want to switch to either a Mac OR the reverse and switch to Windows Phone/Tablet products, so I hope there will be 3rd party software options to take advantage of at least some of these cool OSX desktop apps like iMessage and notification centre on Windows (perhaps using something like Bonjour and/or Growl for Windows?)


    Download it here!!!! Seeeeed it !!!!

  • apple is going too aggressive… I don’t like the way they are going. It’s just too fast for an OS. Making operating systems is not a business thing for me. The features that they added are not adequate enough

  • Anonymous

    I like everything except the iMessage feature. As iMessage get synced across every devices that used the same Apple ID hence those who shared the same Apple ID (mainly my family) can pretty much see my chat log. Privacy is a big issue for me other than that I love Apple.

    • cruzcontrol1001

      All you have to do is add there email in iMessage and authorize it take your email off not a privacy issue at all.
      I think this is great

  • Anonymous

    one word….. “””””SIRI””””””

  • Love it! Its fantastic, Airplay for the MAC just single handedly killed Jailbreaking an Apple TV, and Apple TV has now became and even greater investment for $AU99!

    iMessages will be an awesome way to transfer data, I even like the notes integration ( do they really like the yellow? I want to make it white!)

    The only feature I’m not fussed about is Game Center, never have and never will use my MAC as a gaming machine, its just to damn awkward. I’ll stick to the PS3 for that. Otherwise I am really excited for every feature, does anyone know when this is due?

  • Anonymous

    Personally, I can’t wait for them to complete this!

    I would love… I mean L-O-V-E I-T if Apple were to make their Mac Book Air essentially an iPad!!!

    I need a real keyboard as I touch-type and I like the “clam-shell” design which naturally protects the screen – so I don’t have to buy a cover like I have with my iPad2.

    In fact, sitting them side-by-side the Mac Book Air is thinner when I take in to account the bulky cover on my iPad2.

  • Intelliscreen X for OS X Mountain Lion Notification Center? YES!!!!

  • AriPlay Mirroring is all i actually need.

  • Its incredible, half of this apps or wiget were created by the jailbreak community, adopted by ios and now to osx.

  • Yes, but can you double-tap the space bar to end a sentence?!! LOL

  • Woah. So this means that we may be able to, essentially, jailbreak a Mac? Scary that we would have to do so. Let’s hope that the OS won’t be entirely closed off like iOS.

  • I love apple 🙂