So I finally got some time to take OS X Mountain Lion’s new AirPlay Mirroring functionality for a spin, and what I found was just what you would expect.

AirPlay Mirroring is a fairly seamless affair for Apple TV owners, and it works remarkably well — even in its current beta form.

Check out our hands-on experience with OS X Mountain Lion’s AirPlay Mirroring on video inside…

To enable AirPlay Mirroring in OS X Mountain Lion go System Preferences > Displays > and turn AirPlay mirroring from Off to “Apple TV”. OS X Mountain Lion should automatically detect your Apple TV 2 if it’s on the same network.

Even if it does detect your Apple TV, it still won’t work unless it’s running the latest beta 2 firmware found on Apple’s iOS development portal. You will need to update your Apple TV, or else you will get a compatibility error asking you to update.

Once enabled, the experience was just as seamless or even more so than I have experienced on my iPhone 4S or iPad 2. Lag was minimal, but bear in mind that I have my Apple TV hooked up via Ethernet. That being said, I used a MacBook Air for this test, and it has no Ethernet port, so it was running via Wi-Fi.

Any content that I threw at the Apple TV was handled like a champ, including video from YouTube and Hulu. I think people will be in for a treat come summer when OS X Mountain Lion is released to the masses. This will be great for watching movies on the big screen, or doing keynote presentations on a larger screen.

What do you think about Apple’s AirPlay mirroring implementation? I think it’s quite adequate, and I plan on using it a bunch.

  • Makes me wish I had a better Mac 😛

  • Can I “mirror” my iPhone 4s on the mac? That would be the real thing!

  • Black White

    i have registed IDID and restore iOS 5 beta 2
    but on Mac not available to choose Turn on mirroring
    pls tips step by step…
    thank you so much

    • You guys need to make sure your running the latest Mountain Lion beta. If your not than you don’t have the option because iys a beta only feature and that won’t have a GM release till this summer.

    • wesley jordans

      where have you find the IOS 5 Beta 2? for the apple tv?

  • Alex Trott

    Hmm my mac seems to be missing the optition to mirror hmmm

  • Anyone know why my ML MacBook 2010 has no option to mirror. Its just not there??

    • 昆霖 李

      the same…

  • 昆霖 李

    my late 2010 air has no option, either.
    maybe apple removed the support for core 2 duo mac.
    if so, that really sucks.

  • ron-mcse

    Everyone who is saying they don’t have the option, I don’t think it has been released yet. Jeff must have a Beta version that he is testing. OS X Mountain Lion is not due to be released until this Summer sometime, then you will have the mirroring option.

  • ron-mcse

    I have OS X 10.7.3, I wonder if OS X Mountain Lion will be a free update?

  • Actually, Apple did turn it off for Core 2 Duos.

  • Wanted to get some opinions on what I can do for my Mac Mini configuration…

    I have a Mac Mini connected via HDMI to my 42″ Sony Bravia in my living room. I wanted to add a second LCD monitor in my office (so I can work at my desk), but when I tried to run the 75 feet from my Mini via HDMI booster cable, the signal didn’t work. I was thinking Mountain Lion may be an alternative (have a 19″ LCD connected to a Apple TV2 in the office), but wanted others to give me some more ideas. I also was thinking of buying this, too, but it’s pretty expensive…

    Thanks for the suggestions.

  • Anonymous

    I get that my Mac’s almost a couple of years old, but it’s 8 GB RAM and 2.67 GHz i7. How can it not be compatible with AirPlay Mirroring?

    I seriously hope this is just a BETA thing.