Apple has been on an absolute rampage since Tim Cook took over Steve Jobs’ role of Apple’s CEO last August. A lot of folks wondered if the company could maintain its dominance without the passionate founder at the helm.

And although most of what we are seeing right now is still a direct result of Jobs’ efforts over the last decade or so, you have to admit that Cook is no slouch. But if you had any doubts that he was the right man for The Job, read this…

Cook made quite an impression today during his first Goldman Sachs Conference as Apple’s CEO. Pundits noted that while Cook may not have Jobs’ showmanship, he speaks well, knows his stuff and at times sounds very passionate.

What really stuck out, though, were his final comments of the conference, which were in response to the question “What do you think your leadership may bring to change Apple, and what are you really determined to maintain?”

Transcribed by TheVerge:

“I think the most important part of that question is the second part. Apple is this unique company, unique culture, that you can’t replicate. And I’m not going to witness, or permit the slow undoing of it because I believe in it so deeply. Steve [Jobs] drilled in all of us over many years that the company should revolve around great products and that we should stay extremely focused on few things, rather than try to do so many that we did nothing well. We should only go into a market where we can make a significant contribution to society — not just sell a lot of products. And so these things, along with keeping excellence as an expectation of everything in Apple, these are the things that I focus on because I think that these are the things that make Apple this magical place that really smart people want to work in and sort of do not just their life’s work, but their life’s best work.

There’s no better thrill than to look out at an audience — I can’t see anything because of these lights — look at the audience and see people using iPhones, or go to the gym and see people using iPods, or go to Starbucks and see people using iPads. These are the things that bring a smile to my face. There’s no replacement or substitute for that. And so we’re always focused on the future. We don’t sit and think about how great things were yesterday. I love that trait because I think it’s the thing that drives us all forward. Those are the things I’m holding onto. It’s a privilege to be a part of it.”

During his multiple medical leaves, Steve Jobs picked Tim Cook to serve as his temporary replacement. And then in his resignation letter, where he announced that he would be stepping down as Apple’s CEO, Jobs recommended that Cook be the company’s next leader. And we don’t think he could’ve made a better choice.

What do you think?

  • #agreed.

  • Anonymous

    I hope apple don’t change in the future

    • Anonymous

      In some ways it should, in some ways it shouldn’t.

  • I think apple could still change for the better… they’re an amazing company with great products, but not everything is perfect.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think Tim Cook or anyone should have a problem maintaining what Apple has already accomplished. The true test will be if Apple can come up w another device or service that completely dominates and revolutionizes a market with out Steve Jobs there to push and guide everyone.

    The iPad, iPhone, iPod, and iTunes were all such game changers. If Apple can come out w even one more device or service that is that successful while Tim Cook is CEO then I will say he’s earned his position.

    • true…but i guess steve already thot enuff of ideas for staff to explore for years…..what will then be steve jobs, and what will be the staff’s contribution are then blurred out…

  • so far so good 🙂
    It is a bid sad, to think that I will never see Steve Jobs introducing a new product ever again and I really miss it, but the most important for me is, that the Apple will keep making great products… And I believe that there is few people, like Mr. Cook, that understood Steve Jobs and will continue in right direction.

  • just like Linsanity too early to tell….

    • Tyler Miranda


  • Anonymous

    hmmm…I think Tim does an adequate job, even a great job, but I think Jonathan Ive could do a better job.
    Apple is literally an extension of Ive – he passionately designs great products. Cook might have great leadership skills, but Ive really “gets” apple – heck, Ive made apple (at least their public image, as their consistent product look).