Sara Dictation is a jailbreak tweak that allows you to have Siri-like dictation on a non-iPhone 4S device. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a tweak that allows this — siri0us immediately comes to mind — but it is certainly worth trying.

If “Sara” sounds familiar, that’s because it is. It’s from the same developer that brought you the Siri alternative named Sara, which we covered last week.

If you want to try Sara Dictation, add the following repo to your Cydia sources:

Once the above repo address is added, you can install both Sara and Sara Dictation.

I like Sara Dictation — not only does it work fairly on par with true Siri dictation, but it also supports a variety of languages.

The only real downsides are that the dictation button on the keyboard isn’t Retina display enabled, and it sometimes makes the space bar appear a little funky. But those things are a small price to pay for those desperate for decent dictation capabilities.

If you’re running a pre-4S device, and want to join the integrated dictation party, then Sara Dictation is a free solution that might just meet your needs.

Have you tried it yet?

  • Eric Morgan

    Shows up in notes but not in messages or mail. Can’t wait for the 5!

    • I’ve got it working on notes as well, but nothing in the messages or mail keyboard. Any worf on if it will be updated to work on those two things as well?

      • Eric Morgan

        I rebooted. Now it works in messages but not mail. I can live with that I guess. Messages is where I use it. I miss Siri0us on 5.0. Worked flawlessly. This makes mistakes amd misses words.

      • I did a hard re-boot and got it on my mail and messages. Does cut off the space bar a bit.

  • I wish that this could improve Siri dictation with other language like spanish… No one has tried it on Iphone 4s????

  • Anonymous

    Do Sara use the internet to work and is there any danger of my info being taken?

  • Anonymous

    Microphone does not appear in keyboard in ipad 2 iOS 5.0.1

  • I got it only working once but now I get the “sorry I didn’t get this” message constantly.

    • I have the same message with ENGLISH & GERMAN on my iPhone4 iOS5

  • I got it only working once but now I get the “sorry I didn’t get this” message constantly.

  • mine works fine. in every app. not very well but

  • Anonymous

    Is there any tweak like this one for the 4S?

  • this is perfect 😀

  • Radek Holecek

    I tried it and is a great

  • Jeff It is installed in an iphone 4s? I see 2 mic

    • It works with Iphone 4s, not in all apps (like IM+Pro, Fring, Docstogo, Quickoffice), it works sith Whatspp, Bitesms (last beta update – not working in Quickcompose or Quickasnwer)…If you have Emoji enabled, the mic will be over the world button, or over behind Emoji keyboard…I hope they will update, it is great to have spanish dictation.

  • Michael Mcgriff

    Cool I have it working in Notes and Messager as well !

  • Well it does not work with my Iphone 4??? “sorry I didn’t get this”