After being announced at MacWorld this year, Realmac Software and Impending have just released a new to-do app called ‘Clear‘ on the iTunes App Store. The light-weight app helps you keep track of your life by keeping a simple list of notes.

Some use cases of Clear:

  • Personal todo list
  • Shopping list
  • Quick notes list for phone numbers and things
  • List of movies to watch, or books to read
  • Guest list for that party
  • Bucket list for those big life goals

Clear is now available on the iTunes App Store for 99-cents.


  • Orchestra is a better to-do list app. ..and free.

  • Don’t waste your money, reminders is way much better than this “clear” it jus look “good”….

  • Very nice, I only wish it had an iPad counterpart that it would sync with…

  • Luke Row

    Thanks for the recommendation, it’s a nice and simple app.

  • If they make it sync with iOS reminder and all it’s functions it would be perfect!! for now it only a candy app

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    + beautiful, simple, inexpensive
    – bunch of functionalities are missing (but hopefully these will be added later)
    = well worth one bone

  • +1 for the smart UI. Well use of intuitive gestures. This should be the way for the touch devices.

  • Dan

    I prefer reminders, it syncs with my other devices and iCloud, and functions with Siri. I don’t see the point of this.

  • this is app is over hyped. why so much coverage on net puzzles me….