From AllThingsD:

Google has gotten the all-clear from European Union regulators to buy Motorola Mobility, though officials remain concerned about how Google will use Motorola’s patent portfolio.

“This merger decision should not and will not mean that we are not concerned by the possibility that, once Google is the owner of this portfolio, Google can abuse these patents, linking some patents with its Android devices,” Commissioner Joaquin Almunia told reporters, according to Reuters. “This is our worry.”

Hours after the EU gave its agreement, the US Department of Justice gave its blessing as well:

With this, Google is one step closer to closing the deal, although they’re still waiting on approval from China, Taiwan, and Israel before the transaction can officially be completed.

World War III is just about to start, and it’s all about patents!

  • I think apple should just buy moto at the last minute that will piss off google…and get the patents …

    • So you are supporting apple being the bully…..I’ll be praying for you.

      • You don’t think that if/when google get hold of moto , Apple might find a few more law suits..?