One of my favorite features about IntelliscreenX is the fact that you can access your notification center from your lock screen. I don’t use the popular tweak anymore, it was too much for me. And that’s really the only element I miss.

Since I dropped Intelliscreenx, I’ve been looking for a developer to come up with a standalone jailbreak tweak to enable lock screen notification center access. And finally, it’s here. Introducing Bulletin…

From developer Ma Jun comes Bulletin, a simple utility for enabling iOS 5’s notification center from your lock screen. This way you can access all of your useful notification center widgets without needing to unlock your device.

The tweak comes with a handful of options, accessible from the Settings application. You can turn lock screen notification center access off and on, and enable/disable window transparency.

For the most part, Bulletin works as advertised. I’ve noticed that the notification center sticks from time to time, but it’s nothing in comparison with the convenience of having access to my notification center widgets from my lock screen.

If you want to check out Bulletin, it’s available in the Cydia Store, BigBoss repo, for $0.99.

Have you tried out Bulletin yet?

  • Anonymous

    what is the sbsettings theme?!?!

    • Anonymous

      notificationcenterSBS I believe.

  • Daniel

    Can’t get it to work on the lockscreen

    • I had same problem. Try disabling it ant then re enabling it in the

    • as with any other cydia tweaks, i always respring or reboot, and things will work….

  • Works fine for me…and much cheaper than either LockInfo or IntelliscreenX… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Not needed. IntelliScreenX already takes care of it.

    • The first paragraph. Please read it.

    • The first paragraph. Please read it.

    • Anonymous

      Retards who only read the title then jump straight to commenting.

  • I agree i dropped InelliscreenX yesterday cause i felt it was a memory and battery hog. I picked up Bulletin out of luck searching for something else. And i noticed it sticks to but i got use to it.

    • Since dropping IntelliScreenX my iPhone seem to be running a lot smoother. So I’m replacing it with Bulletin. Thanks!

  • Just got it, there are so many bugs my head is spinning. If I get a notification while the screen is locked, it lights up and vibrates like normal, but no notification is shown. Half the time I can’t get it to pull down in the Lockscreen, I would love an option to disable the clock when it is pulled down when transparent. Also, I have a couple widgets in NC, and every time I press something (from my flashlight to an open app) it just goes blank and unlocks the phone as if I pressed swipe to unlock. Idea is awesome, and I totally support this, it’s just not feasable as it’s implemented now.

  • Hey Cody, what widget is that? The one where it shows Jay-Z and the album cover with the name and what does it do?

    • Music Center

      • Thanks! Is it in Cydia? I did a search but nothing comes up.

      • Sina

        Not sure, but seems like a rss reader … ๐Ÿ™‚
        (Because of font size diff between Title and other part)

      • Anonymous

        The music widget is MusicCenter. It shows the currently playing track/album title and a shuffle button in the main window. And when you swipe to the right, it shows play/ff/rw/pause functions.

        The widget above that is RSSWidget. It will only show stories from one source, and it doesn’t always update properly. But other than that it’s pretty solid. ;op

  • I’m enjoying it..! I’m waiting for a tweak for NC paging to complete the picture…

  • So you pay for intelliscreenx…you don’t want all the you take it off your device…and pay for this…..why on earth did you not just disable the features on intelliscreenx ..And just have the notification centre on your lockscreen …….waste of money ,you might at some point want intelliscreenx back on your device..and you payed for this….
    And can I just say that this Discus is now pissing me off.. I’ve had this popup the whole time on my iphone screen since starting the comment

  • the moment I hit post it goes..I didn’t even get a screen shot time i will though…

  • It works good on my 4 but some cydia tweaks don’t work. Favorite contacts when touched just unlocks the phone while no options pop up to call/text/etc. Same issue with YouTube in NC shortcut as the keyboard doesn’t pop up to type in search terms.

    • I dont have alot of tweaks in my NC so i cant really say its bad. I like a slim OS. Ive found all the bulk slows the phone down. All i have is weather widget and just notifications. I tried every add on possible but they arent really useful to me. Bulletin is good for a simple user.

    • a lot of NC tweaks does not work well anyway…..but i tested bulletin, musicenter, calender, weesearch, flotation. flashlight etc……works good

      • Kok Hean

        KillBackground and WeeFlashlight don’t work.

  • Anonymous

    Cody, what toggles app are you using in the NC? SBSettings shows 5 1/2 toggles, UISettings only 4. Yours is 5, clean and centered.


    • Anonymous

      I use SBSettings and disable the window option so that it’s only viewable in my notification center. I tweaked some other settings to get it down to 5 icons and I can’t remember what theme that is, but I’ll look. I’ve tried a number of options that give you settings toggles in the NC, and this is by far my favorite.

      • Anonymous

        I use SBSettings in NC also, but get irritated that the sixth toggle is cut off. For the life of me can’t figure out why the dev didn’t just center five, the way yours is. Tried searching for an editable plist, but no luck. Mind sharing how you tweaked it?

      • Anonymous

        Don’t let the picture fool you, there is noticeably more space on the right side of the row than there is on the left. I too would like it to be more centered, so if you find a solution, be sure to share ;op

  • Top shelf feature on IntelliscreenX is the reason i cant drop it.

  • I think IntelliscreenX does better job handling notification alerts, but hey for $0.99 its not so bad.

  • Anonymous

    Nice tweak. Works perfect on iPad 1

  • rubbish

  • Gus Me

    A question since ISX was brought up ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Is there a way to get ISX to open up tweetbot or any other client when clicking on a tweet? Before it opened official twitter app, i deleted the app and now it opens Twitter on Safari… Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

  • my problem with this tweak was that it would cause my springboard to crash and i’d have to exit safemode and respring several times a day. also, it sticks.

  • Anonymous

    Definitely worth the buck imo.