At this point, it seems like a Retina display in the iPad 3 is a pretty safe bet. After two years, and two iterations, of the same screen resolution, we fully expect Apple’s next tablet to feature a much sharper display.

Much of the tech world seems to be convinced that that display will be of Retina quality — which is a huge deal. And to demonstrate how huge, designer Chris Koerner put together a rather interesting infographic…

What you are looking at is a comparison between the screen resolutions of an iPhone 3G and 3GS, an iPhone 4 and 4S, an iPad 1 and 2, Blu Ray, and the rumored iPad 3. Yeah, you could watch a Blu Ray movie at full resolution on the purported iPad 3 and still have pixels left over. Wow.

The feat gets even more amazing when you consider that Apple’s largest iMac, which has a 27″ screen, has a resolution of 2560 x 1440. To think that Apple managed to squeeze that many pixels in a screen 1/3 that size is pretty remarkable.

Along with a Retina display, the next iPad is also expected to feature a number of other upgrades including a faster processor and higher resolution cameras. And according to a recent report from AllThingsD, the tablet should be unveiled sometime in the next few weeks.


  • I want an ipad3 when they hit the market, maybe I’ll win this one!

  • That screen will b epic 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see how they will maintain the same price point. Those poor Chinese workers!!

    • Actually, china workers that makes stuff for apple have 33% higher payment than rest of china workers, have work safety 50% better than USA workers, and 60% lower sucide rate than rest of china workers.

      So your concerns are not reasonable.

      • THANK YOU!

      • Anonymous

        The comment was Actially made in jest. Hence the one sentence.

        As an owner of an iPad, 4s, sons iPod touch 4 and previously owner of a iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and iPod touch 2g I think I have a right to a 1 sentence comment that does not have to scrutinized.

        I also ask how did that 4 word comment even warrant a “Your concerns are not reasonable”?

        Domes it feels like I just as many others in here need to get a life. Too many knee jerk comments. I will refrain from commenting on this board in the future.


      • and they only have to work 90 hours a week and standing up!…Awesome!

      • JayKay

        I so hate when ppl sympathise with Chinese workers they are not forced to do that if they think they have been paid less, go ahead and try ur luck some other place, keep in mind these cheap labor make china competitive with other countries and ppl closed their factories and moved to china.

  • sn0wbaLL

    Have you noticed with technology that the upgrades they give us don’t seem good for for a lot of people. We are spoiled.

  • i couldn´t realize that the was a iPad resolution after the bluray picture…just when i saw the picture twice i could see where the iPad 3 resolutiion was..hahahahah

  • yah they need to put like a gray outline around the white block that is holding the resolution for the iPad 3. It also took me a minute or two to see that as well, haha

    • Anonymous

      Maybe the iPad 3 resolutions is actually the whole white square all the way down through the comments and they change the specs everytime a new comment is added 😛

  • Anonymous

    Need more articles. It’s 4:00 and we’ve had two pieces of news.

  • Anonymous

    The only thing mac laptops need now is blu ray drives to put in those blurays on the ipad

  • I want an ipad3 when they hit the market, maybe I’ll win this one!