The amount of customers reporting that their iTunes account have been hacked is growing steadily on Apple’s Support Forum. Customers are reporting that their accounts are being hacked, and the hackers are then using the accounts to purchase gift cards, make purchases on the store, and even using their PayPal accounts.

The Globe and Mail reports customers that have been hacked are growing increasingly frustrated with Apple’s response to the issue…

Many of the iTunes users whose accounts have been hacked are increasingly frustrated with Apple’s customer service, saying the company at the very least has dithered in fixing the problem. Some accuse the tech giant of being indifferent to the problem.

To remedy the situation, Apple is refunding the money that has been stolen and quickly reverting the account back to their original settings. But according to the report, Apple’s customer service is not acknowledging there is a problem — even though the Support Forum continues to grow.

While some hacks are for personal financial gain, some crooked developers hack accounts to give themselves positive ratings on their own apps. A Vietnam developer allegedly hacked over 400 accounts two years ago to give himself five-star ratings on Apple’s iTunes App Store.

When The Globe and Mail reached out for comment from Apple, they responded, “Apple takes precautions to safeguard your personal information against loss, theft and misuse.”

While hacking is expected on almost any online marketplace, many users believe it’s more widespread on the iTunes Store than people think. They appreciate Apple refunding the money, but don’t think they’re seeing the bigger picture of hacking.

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  • Anonymous

    I think it’s more of Apple having more people buying from iTunes, so that even if the percentage of people getting hacked is much smaller than the competition, it’s still a big number because of the massive overall amount of people using iTunes.

    • Anonymous

      I really can’t wait for google wallet to take off…and ruin your bank account…you think this is bad..wait till you get robbed just by being nearby someone… Hahaha…the future of muggings…

  • it happened to me yesterday
    my account was hacked and $80 of my store credit had all been spent on a vietnamese/chinese app and in app purchases from the same app_
    i contacted apple and they refunded my $80
    but it was a very scary experience.

  • creed waters

    just how does ones account get hacked? insecure passwords, being stupid?

    • Anonymous

      I’m wondering the same thing, how do these peoples account get hacked?

    • Anonymous

      The same way, your Facebook gets hacked, or yahoo account gets hacked,

  • My account was hacked couple of years ago, only because my password was insecure. Since then I learned a lot and to hack into any of my accounts you’d need a supercomputer and even then I doubt my password will be broken before I die.

    • Anonymous

      Watch out, we’ve got a badass over here…

    • Anonymous

      yo account was hacked cuz u a dumb polack

      • Not dumper than you twat.

    • it’s not your “password being broken” it is people getting spam/fake emails and going to websites that ask for your password… …. (also virus/malware/key loggers on PC machines)…

      your password could be 100 characters, but you will lose it if your PC has a key logger.. or you are “challenged” enough to give it away in an spam/fake email….

      Apple can not do anything about either situation… however they have put in a few safeties, about using a “new computer” but even then, the hacker has seen your account, written down all the necessary information, and responds to apple’s request for verification… Apple literally can not do anything about stupid people giving away their password… or any other security measure you wish to put in front of them…

      this is simple really, don’t be “challenged” when responding to spam emails, and get a mac. that right there will deal with 99.9999% of the problems… and the other 0.000001% can be dealt with by being slightly smarter than an orange…

      • I don’t need a mac. I don’t need any kind of Internet security. Windows and Opera browser is the best combination.

      • Anonymous

        I beg to differ, since my account was also hacked, but i was never stupid enough to click on those phishing emails, at all. I don’t even read emails that are not sent from my colleagues, and i do use a mac and consider myself somewhat savvy.

      • iT’S Called Keyscrambler. it’s Free & automatic.

  • it isn’t their “iTunes” account being “hacked”, it is PC users with key loggers and social engineering Giving away not only their iTunes passwords, but Credit cards too..

    there is a whole industry of a Black market that have credit card and iTunes passwords stolen from over a year ago…

    what in the world did you want Apple to do? tell people to “get a mac”???? Apple can’t keep people from being stupid and responding to an email saying “give me your password”…

    This same falsified “story” comes out once a year for going on 4 years…. are you new to reporting or something?

  • I have a feeling Apple is fixing the problem as I’m unable to purchase apps (connect to iTunes store).

  • when will people realize they should use strong passwords? simply adding a capital letter to an otherwise all lowercase password lowers the odds of brute force attack. that’s assuming it’s simple account hacking and not a backdoor method.

  • The exact same thing happened to but just a few days ago and the person bought an app then bought in game credit using my iTunes credit. I can’t thank apple support enough at the moment because they refunded all the money within a day of putting in the complaint

  • Anonymous

    Apple support was quite prompt and supportive in reinstating and refunding my hacked account.

  • Anonymous

    It’d be good if the story would add some information about how to check to see if your account has been hacked!

  • How many of these “hacked” accounts used really crappy passwords?

    Methinks the numbers would probably surprise you…

  • I’ve never had an Account hacked EVER!!! & THIS was while i still owned a PC..cause i usually paid attention to these things. BUT..if ya need protection a Good firewall program & a Key Logger Program say…like Keyscrambler which scrambles your keys when ya type making it difficult for someone to HACK..your account. BUT..also..thing about how people use Wi-Fi Hotspots which CLEARLY aren’t secure…that’s a possible way of getting hacked info. I have a Strong pass word for my itunes account and it’s hard to get into my bank account. I think google might want to take a peek into this..since they have an App that can hack your info if your in a Wi-Fi Spot.