Ever since the possibility of a Siri Proxy server was first unveiled, it’s been all the rage. The promise of being able to run Siri on older devices? Count me and about a million other people in.

Now you can hardly look around without seeing some blurb about a 3rd party Siri server, and although security (or lack thereof) is still a big concern, it’s apparently not concerning enough to keep the masses of pre-iPhone 4S owners away.

Andrew Sheridan, one of the primary folks behind the i4Siri project reached out to me about a month ago asking me to try his Siri server. Here are some of the results of that trial…

To accomplish this feat, i4Siri uses Spire — chpwn’s Siri jailbreak tweak that we covered in-depth a while back.

Once installed, and a special certificate is installed, you can begin using the i4Siri server. The folks behind the project have implemented Cleverbot into i4Siri, which generates a response to every inquiry, regardless if Siri would have normally responded to it or not.

One thing to keep in mind about i4Siri is that it’s not your traditional iPhone 4S stock Siri implementation. For example, you can’t ask it where the nearest Italian restaurant is, and expect a relevant response. The same goes with setting alarm clocks and the like.

You can, however, use Siri jailbreak tweaks like MyAssistant, AssistantExtensions, and various others. That alone makes using i4Siri worth it, and adds much “replayability” to this sort of Siri implementation.

Since the server is still in beta, I found that 1 out of every 3 requests resulted in a failure message from Siri. That’s a little worrisome to be honest, because what happens when it goes out of beta and many more people are using the service? Siri’s popularity can not be underestimated, and even the greatest of planning can fall well short of expectations.

If the team behind i4Siri can pull off a miracle and make their server stable for the masses, then i4Siri is definitely worth checking out when it exists beta. Whether or not they can accomplish this is yet to be seen. Keep your eyes peeled for more info. Again, the server is not yet available publicly, but more info should be divulged soon.

What do you think?

  • i have siriport and has been working great. check it out jeff and make a review.

    • My siriport doesn’t work I’ve had it for about 3 weeks and tried every now and then to activate it but it never works :/

      • did you download certificate?

      • adam lompis

        where did you download the certificate at???

      • its annoying but you have to try and activate Siri 1-4 minutes. i got lucky at 11pm eastern time

    • Every time I installed siriport, it bricked my phone. 3 times! I went back to spire….. now it works great.

  • Dan

    I’ve been using iMZDL siri proxy for a bit now, 20$ for a year and it’s worked 100% so far on my iPhone 4. I find that my response time is as quick if not quicker than my friends with a 4S. What’s nice about it is that there’s 6 servers, if ever one goes down (hasn’t yet), just switch it up.

    • Yeah I use a service as well on my iphone 4 and ipad 2. However on the 4 i notice WICKED memory issues that go away if I uninstall spire. I drop from 212 to under 100mb whenever I open anything safari related o.O

      • Dan

        mine is not so bad, around 270 when I’m not doing anything and 170 – 210 depending on how many safari windows I have open.

        100 mb is definitely not normal, might be acting up with one of your tweaks.

        I had to get rid of zeppelin (no big loss there) and My3G since they didn’t play nice with Spire.

      • That is because chpwn built Spire to begin a process as soon as another process starts (confirmed by cocoanuts). A fix has been created however we are waiting for it to be released. Spire should not use as much memory in the fix that is coming.

      • Man when that fix hits you are gonna have one happy jailbreaker here. I browse safari a LOT and it has been driving me nuts.

    • search @S26Tech on twitter.. his servers are $20 for lifetime access on 2 devices.. No he didnt ask me to say this, i have his server access and its blazing fast..

      • Dan

        yeah I thought about the lifetime thing, but I’ll be eligible to upgrade to a iphone 4S within the year, I just wanted to try out Siri now.

    • I’ve been using the same server for about 2 weeks and loving it!

  • I install SiriPort on my iphone 3GS…already 2 days siri not connect to server…
    Which certificate was success connect to server???

    • I´m so interested in knowin if it works in 3GS

      • google siriport certificate. i can’t add the site here

      • Blake Quinlan

        I tried it on my 32GB 3GS with Spire, and ran into a few problems. I used at least 10 different servers I found online, and even borrowed one my friend was paying for on his iPod, and still didn’t work. Spire caused really slow memory issues, as well as screwing up iPod play; it would stop playing audio every 20 seconds for 10 seconds and then start again.

        I found that using Voice Control with the VoiceActions tweak is a nice little Siri-substitute. I programmed it with at least 20 different responses and actions and it works well.

    • type in safari siriport.ru/1.crt

    • google siriport certificate. i can’t add the site here.

  • Anonymous

    Cleverbot?! OH HELL NO.

    Nothing to do here.

  • I’ve been using uhelios’s server its fast but siri doesn’t understand some basic stuff. They said they are working on all plugins still but i can’t see it improving on speech recognition. Don’t think it’ll make ppl happy in the end.

  • Tiago Nascif

    It would be nice a tutorial on this one. I tried a few times but i could not download some of the files in the middle of installation.

  • Anonymous

    Spire – Proxy Server…??!!!!!!!!!
    ne idea.?!!!

  • Anonymous

    so it’s just the siri interface without the siri backend…..

    kinda pointless, just use the old iOS voice control.

  • Andre Grey

    i havent connected to that thing since i got it so i gave up on it