The iPhone’s browser, Safari, is considered to be one of the fastest and most stable mobile browsers out there. But since Google released their new Chrome for Android mobile browser last week (currently in beta), does Safari still defend its title?

The folks over at the popular Android blog, Android Central, took it in their hands to compare the two browsers…

So both Chrome on Android and Safari on the iPhone 4S score 100 out of 100 on the Acid3 test, which checks to see if the browser complies with various web standards. Good to see. SunSpider benchmarks how a browser handles Javascript tasks. Chrome on Android has consistently edged out Safari, in our testing.

In their testing, Android Central found that Chrome for Android beats the iPhone 4S in handling Javascript tasks. Both browsers scored a perfect 100 on the Acid3 test, which measures a browser’s ability to compile various web standards.

When it comes to smoothness, Safari was much better with scrolling, zooming, and panning than Chrome for Android. It’s worth noting that Chrome for Android is still a beta product, but Safari looks to have Chrome beat for now.

Which browser do you think is better?

  • There’s a reason Apple uses Safari.

    • …to handle java script not as well Chrome’s? gotcha, thanks

      • No I think he means because the scrolling, zooming, and panning is like a hot knife through butter on Safari and per usual, Google’s offering is a beta, buggy mess with unresponsive touch interaction, has no attention to detail (zoom out bounce), and has a flashing screen issue on resize.

      • precisely. Cheers Alex

      • Alex, have you actually used the Google Chrome for Android browser? I highly doubt that you have seeing how only its only compatible with 1% of Android devices at the moment. But go ahead, keep trashing something you know nothing about…

  • Anonymous

    Personally, this isn’t a valid test because Chrome is still in beta. Wait for chrome to get out of beta and release on time, then compare it with the latest iteration of mobile Safari.

    • My questions to Google are: “How the fuck long does it take to make a browser for your own phone operating system.”, “Why did they release a beta product instead of taking the time to finalize it?” “Why does it still suck compared to Safari?”

      You know who didn’t release a beta browser when their phone launched? Apple. And it’s awesome.

      Stop defending Google’s crappy decisions. Slapping the word “beta” on a product does give you full reign to suck complete ass.

      • good point on the beta…siri is in beta. so apple does, as you say “suck complete ass”

      • Yah because Artificial Intelligence and a web browser are the same thing….

        And by the way, Google doesn’t even have a Siri competitor, let alone a beta app.

      • What you obviously don’t understand is that though Google products share the Google brand, they are independent teams working on their own project. Since Google acquired Android, the Android team made and updated the Android browser. Years later the Google Chrome team appeared and focused on becoming one of the top 3 desktop browsers used in the market today. The Chrome team, and Android team are two separate entities hence Chromes late arrival onto Android.

        Why release a beta instead of finalizing it…hmm well seeing how this beta is only available to 1% of the Android market, Id say thats a relatively controlled group for beta testing. And what is the point of beta testing? To discover bugs and glitches and fix them. Any company who wants to put out a good product will have testers prior to launching on a scale as massive as the Android mobile platform.

        Why does it still suck in comparison to Safari? Simple, because you’re a moron. Even black and white, plain as day NUMBERS that show Chrome’s ability to process Javascript better than Safari cant make stupid fanboys like yourself understand.

        Did the Android browser launch as a beta? No. This is the Chrome Browser in beta, not the Android browser in beta. They are two entirely separate entities.

      • Anonymous

        Alex you are the definition of ignorant and a fanboy, go to hell.

  • chrome. the scrolling looks smooth enough, and the full version rendered/loaded so much faster.

    • btw, i’m more of an apple fanboy than your average user 😛

      • it’s a for profit company. as my grandmother would say, “you should be ashamed of yourself”

  • it’s more important for me to have a smooth zoom and scroll, than have 0,1 ms faster browser, wish then slugish to use…

    • Anonymous

      It’s much more than 0.1ms. Sure, maybe the desktop version on the GN VS the mobile version on the 4S but not for desktop for both. I counted 2 seconds (a little less) for the Nexus and 8 for the iPhone 4S (complete load). Not to mention it is in NO WAY sluggish. Only a completely blind fanboy would call that sluggish. That’s more fluid than my iPod Touch 4G and my sister’s iPhone 4. I did sense a little more fluidity on the iPhone 4S than on the GN, but the amount is negligible.

      • fanboys make me hate apple

      • why are people so jealous of apple..???…
        before iphone v all were happy wid the crappy nokias.there were no tablets before ipad, now you hav a tablet by every company.
        Apple innovates others copy, you just hate them for everything.
        THERMONUCLEAR WAR on android.

        ps: i am a true fanboy. always is and always will be.

  • Anonymous

    I love the Atomic browser on iPhone … the gesture support is great – 3 fingers full screen – 2 finger swipe left or right to go through tabs – 2 finger swipe down close the page.

    Used to be real painful when opening a link in email and having safari open without any gesture support but with the jailbreak change-browser you can make Atomic the default

    Highly recommend!

    • thanks, ill check it out. i’ve known about it for sometime but never got around to trying it. i like the gestures to go through tabs

  • David Villamizar

    chrome is WAY better than safari, it is just in beta, but just now, I think it beats mobile safari in terms of features with it’s fantastic way to manage the tabs, which is not in this video, add faster browsing and then pinch to zoom lag wont matter, hope it comes for ios, this can really replace good old mobile safari.

    • Anonymous

      Except you can get a number of apps that help you manage tabs better. You can’t get a better renderer…

      • David Villamizar

        Sure but none of them are as good as chrome is in terms of soeed and chrome does manage them better than those apps you say, I might agree with. The renderer thing

  • obviously, Android fanboy did this “VS”. LMAO

    • Anonymous

      Yup, and you’re on an Apple fanboy website which basically does exactly the same thing except from the other point of view.

  • Thumbs Up if u have an Iphone and u rading this using google chrome 😉

    • Anonymous

      Desktop Chrome?

      (And please don’t ask for “thumbs up”, it’s lame.)

    • thumbs up if you hate when people ask for thumbs up

  • João Miguel Silva Ferreira

    Safari sucks .. i’m use Chrome on my Macbook Pro for 1 year and i didn’t delete safari because … i don’t Know.

    On my Iphone 4S i give a try to Safari, but its so dumb, no native tab support, no gestures … NO!

    At the moment i use, Dolphin .. yes .. that one from Android phones and is much better then Safari.

    Fingers cross to have stable Chrome on my Iphone … i can’t wait 😀

    • Do we have Chrome-mobile back in 2007? 2008? 2009? oh 2012, and it is in beta.

      Yea, I like Chrome-desktop a lot a lot, but I will still stick with iPhone because of all the apps I have purchased.

  • yes scrolling on chrome looks choppy on that video but let’s not forget that galaxy nexus has higher resolution than iPhone 4S and crappy GPU

  • I still use safari for ios. It came with my iphone, thats what i’ll use.

  • What’s interesting is how flash was always touted as a feature on android with a big grin at iOS no less…. And now the new chrome browser decided to drop support for it. The reasons? The same as Apples, just a few years late to realise it.

    • But what are the reasons?.. Also, if this ever came to iPhone, that would be a HUGE slap in the face to mozilla. They tried to develop Firefox for ios only to be shut down by Apple’s restrictive AppStore and fears of FF killing safari

    • sn0wbaLL

      +1. I hear that! However this was adobes decision. Adobe will not support flash on any new or updated mobile browsers.

  • I’ve been using chrome in my vista laptop for a year now and for me its the best browser. As my safari in my iphone crashes a lot i think chrome will be the best browser, when its complete version is released. If chrome will be released for ios then i’ll defenitely go for chrome.

  • Anonymous

    Chrome is faster and has a plethora of features. Safari only has polish. And some of the things people qualify as polish are just different appoaches to UI, rendering, etc. To say that Safari beats Chrome based upon this video is delusional.

  • Find this not a good review since Chrome loads pages whilst they are being typed to do this you need wifi connections saves data usages. Don’t believe me check the chrome mobile browser video. He should have done it on 3G

  • Safari is better atm. but it looks like it could be a decent nemesis in the future.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I’m gonna have to go with Chrome. Safari just lacks too many basic features (on the iPhone).

  • Anonymous

    Why do people keep pointing out that Chrome is beta? It’s a product from Google. It will be in beta for 2+ years. And it won’t be any different once it gets out of beta; it’s not going to be instantly 10x faster just because they remove the beta moniker.

    And I also hesitate to calls this a 1.0 release. If anything, the standard Browser app on Android was 1.0 and Chrome is 2.0. Not like Google hasn’t made a mobile browser before…

    But I honestly wasn’t expecting casual tests to be that close. Kudos to the competition. C’mon, Apple. Work your magic and make Safari blow past the competition again!

  • How about Chrome for the Jailbreak community!

  • Anonymous

    Well, I see that now Android has a good browser, because the old stock one was a lame compared with Mobile Safari.
    IMHO, I think this is good for everyone, including iOS fans. Mobile Chrome will push Apple to improve even more Mobile Safari and vice-versa.

  • why are people so jealous/hate of apple..???…
    before iphone v all were happy wid the crappy nokias.there were no tablets before ipad, now you hav a tablet by every company.
    Apple innovates others copy, you just hate them for everything.
    THERMONUCLEAR WAR on android.

    ps: i am a true fanboy. always is and always will be.

  • guys keep in mind that chrome has sth implemented that’s called omni which already preloads the website while ur typing

  • An Apple fanboy site embedding Flash video content….that seems logical.

  • i wonder if chrome mobile version also pre-loads the websites hence the better results in this test.

    (notice how chrome loads pages much faster when the the url is typed and waited vs. when click on the regular mode link at the same time, and giving the rendered page somewhat slowly.)

    as the reviewer said, i would not complain.

    i like both 4s and g-note.

  • This video just reminded me why I’m using iPhone instead of android, The iPhone display looks so much better and the UI of iOS is just miles ahead android. Just compare the keyboards for example… The graphics of iPhone keyboard is much better compared to the droid and the keys are much more easier to read.
    And the browser? I don’t really care if something is 0,5 seconds faster or not. Most important to me is that it just works, like safari… Nice and smooth. BTW, I used Siri to dictate this comment. 🙂