Amazon has gone on the offensive in the company’s battle for tablet supremacy by taking a price-powered swipe at its only real competition – the iPad.

The ad, which follows similar Kindle ads we have seen by showing a young lady in a bikini reading a book, shows both the new Kindle e-reader and the Android-powered Kindle Fire in use, while taking a stab at the iPad’s lofty price.

Needless to say Amazon’s iPad alternatives come up trumps in the new 30-second spot, with one poor chap finding himself shot down in more than one way when he approaches the woman in question…

The whole story revolves around our intrepid iPad-toting fellow approaching a lady holding a Kindle. When he mentions that she cannot watch video on her device she points to her two children, both using a new Kindle Fire. The woman then proudly exclaims that all three Kindles added together still cost less than the one iPad, at which point the poor guy beats a hasty retreat.

With the standard Kindle retailing at $79 and a Kindle Fire setting punters back $199, the ad is indeed accurate. Coming in at $357 for two Kindles and a Kindle Fire, the trifecta of Kindle goodness weighs in a good $42 less than the cheapest iPad.

While possibly not telling the whole story, the ad is certainly compelling for those with families and in need of multiple machines. Throw in an e-ink display-equipped Kindle and you’re set for most uses.

We always knew the Kindle Fire’s best bet was to push its price advantage, and it didn’t take Amazon to get to the same way of thinking. We agree that the iPad and Kindle Fire are two very different beasts, but money talks in these tough times.

Would you consider picking three devices up for less than one iPad?


  • Eric Morgan

    Yet Amazon loses money on each one they sell. Great company. Put that in the commercial.

    • A lot of entertainment companies loose money for each device or console sold. They expect to make up for the loss in content, such as apps, music, movies and ebooks.

    • prove it

  • haha lame..

  • how the hell do you delete a comment on here?

    • 2 Kindles and 1 Kindle Fire is what’s listed in the article..

      • Well, in the video it’s 2 Fires and 1 Kindle, so I’m not sure what the article is talking about. Earlier in the article it even explains that the two kids have Fires and the hottie is holding a kindle.

      • Yea I know exactly what your talking about.i questioned it at first also Lol

  • lucky the showed kids using it, I wouldn’t even waste my time with a Kindle Fire, and book reading actually makes up probably 10% of my iPad use.

    Never the less, clever commercial.

  • If I was there, I would¨t have any device on me, cos I would be swimming in that beautiful sea and smoke spliff 🙂

    • Lol yeah you’d be in the background sneaking a pic with your iPhone then showing all your friends saying you tapped that!!!

  • I love my iPhone. And when the next one comes out, I’ll definitely get it, because I’ll be able to get a discounted upgrade. But I have to say, I got the Fire over the iPad simply because it does quite a lot and I didn’t have to sell off my first born to buy it.

    • Anonymous

      If you have to sell your 1st born just to get $500 please do not breed.

  • Asshole. Lol

  • Anonymous

    thats a cute commercial. Good try, Amazon.

  • Dan

    standard kindle is great to read books, for eveyrything else, I have my iPad.

  • nice commercial filmed in a beautiful beach in Costa Rica….

  • sn0wbaLL

    the ipad and kindle arent even in the same league. plus, i cant remember the last time i used the ipad outside

  • Anonymous

    should I pick up a Mercedes, or a Taurus and and a Focus for less?

    I suppose some people might need more than one…

  • Anonymous

    Forget the Kindle Fire, and give me that iPad 2 and the mom, SHE’S HOT!!!!! xD