Vonage has come out fighting in its ongoing battle with the king of VoIP, Skype. The company has just released a new iOS app along with a low calling rate that is sure to put the frighteners on Skype.

Available to download for free right now, the Vonage app allows VoIP calls between Vonage users across iOS and Android as well as cheap calls to traditional landlines, too.

Vonage claims to be 70% cheaper than traditional telcos, and 30% cheaper than Skype…

Users of the app can add credit to their Vonage account right on their iOS device, be that iPad, iPod touch or iPhone, using the wonders of the in-app purchase system. Apple will no doubt be taking its 30% cut of that, too.

“In addition, when calling those who don’t have the app, you get ultra low-cost international calling with per-minute rates that are on average 70% less than major mobile carriers and 30% less than Skype **. Add calling credit directly from your iTunes account.”

The free app currently also offers free calls to landlines in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico from anywhere in the world. This is apparently a limited time deal though, so if you’re going to call your Auntie Mavis over the border, then now is the time to do it!

This is just another example of carriers being squeezed out by internet-based alternatives to their core businesses. It’s adapt or die time folks.

  • Vonage is a crappy company the service is not cheap as they claim and Skype still is the better alternative

  • Anonymous

    What is interesting about this is the fact that Vonage took away what they were giving for free. I still have the original Vonage app which I have had for a few years now. It is installed on my 4S and used to be on my ipad and my sons touch. This new Vonage “Mobile” app is not an upgrade but a whole new app. The old app let you make free calls to any number iwthin the US. It only requested money when you were calling out of US (or every so ofeten out of the blue to annoy you) and all you had to do was decline. I still use this to make my Voip calls along with TalkATone. What’s great about this app is calls I make via voip are using my actual phone number and not some assigned number. I use the old app on my 4s every single day and since my Jailbreak and installing 3gRestictor I can now use it outside of wifi via my “unlimited” data plan. I have logged thousands of hours on the app. Perhaps they figured updating that app would piss off a lot of people so they decided to make aother and let people mistakenly delete old app thinking they were getting something better because it actually looks the same.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t trust Vonage!

    I’ve used SKYPE for years. I’ve also used FRING (which also uses the App Store to add credits – something that I do wish SKYPE offered).

    But, with SKYPE, I can use it on my PC, laptop, iPad2, and my iPhone. So, why switch to Vonage which only has the iOS App??? I’m NEVER going to pay for Vonage’s $24.99/mo home service – I would pay for COMCAST’s Xfinity $19.99/month home service first!

    So, “good luck with that” Vonage – can’t wait to see you FAIL!!!!

    • Anonymous

      @ericire. Why cant you wait to see them fail? Are you a former customer that had a bad experience? Did you lose money with them? You sound very hateful. Why?

  • What about google voice, it has been cheaper than Skype on the international call.