Blogger Arun Thampi accidentally discovered that Path uploads your entire address book to its servers. Path CEO quickly explained why the company chose to take this path (pun intended):

We actually think this is an important conversation and take this very seriously. We upload the address book to our servers in order to help the user find and connect to their friends and family on Path quickly and effeciently as well as to notify them when friends and family join Path. Nothing more.

We believe that this type of friend finding & matching is important to the industry and that it is important that users clearly understand it, so we proactively rolled out an opt-in for this on our Android client a few weeks ago and are rolling out the opt-in for this in 2.0.6 of our iOS Client, pending App Store approval.

The app that everybody loved a few months ago is now the app that everybody loves to hate. I’m sure it won’t last long though. Path will fix “the glitch” and get praised by everyone for how quickly they came through. But that’s only assuming MG Siegler or Gruber don’t put them on the gallows first.

  • Don’t Facebook and twitter too? And games with friends? That’s how they know who to suggest…

    • true, most apps do this >:(

      • Which apps? and do you have evidence?

    • Sina

      Do they have opt-in / opt-out options or not ?

    • Do they? You mean both FB and Twitter haven’t gotten to know over the years? Unlike Path who’s very new but mysteriously knows who to suggest to us? Games with friends have never suggested anyone to me. If it did to you, maybe you signed up using your Facebook account, I didn’t. I signed up for a Zynga account specifically to not give them access to my FB account.

  • According to this article, iHipster does too… I’ve never even heard of the app.