We’re big fans of the Mobile Cloth here at iDB. I remember the very first time I used one of their microfiber clothes to clean my iPhone screen. I didn’t expect much at all but I was blown away by the results.

In a matter of seconds the Mobile Cloth removes fingerprints and smudges, but it also removes up to 98% of germs, without the need of any chemical…

And it’s a pretty inexpensive product too. They start at $6.99 for a 2-pack.

You’ll probably agree that there isn’t much to be excited about when talking about cleaning cloth though. And you’re right. How do you make a cleaning cloth more exciting? Well, maybe by adding the iDB logo on top of it!

That’s what the guys over at Mobile Cloth have done. It’s actually part of their new offering for businesses, or anyone who would like to create a custom cleaning cloth. I think it’s a great idea for app developers or for companies that exhibit at trade shows for example.

They are offering an intro custom package of 200 cleaning clothes, including 100 Classic and 100 Nanos for $359 – that includes shipping anywhere in the US & Canada. That’s about $1.80 per package, and that is a good deal. So if you work for a company that’s looking for original schwag, maybe give Mobile Cloth a try.

Now enough with the product pitch. Let’s get to this giveaway, shall we?

The Mobile Cloth folks were kind enough to offer 10 custom branded packs to iDB readers. Each pack includes 2 cleaning clothes: one Classic, and one Nano, as shown on the picture above.

So how do you win one of these packs?

Step 1: Friend us on Facebook.

Step 2: Click here to retweet this message.

Step 3: Write a comment below including you Twitter username, and give us 2 reasons why you should win.

There is no age or location restriction, so anyone can enter to win. We’ll pick a winner on Thursday, at 5pm EST. The winners will be contacted via Twitter DM with further instructions.

Thank you all for playing, and thank you Mobile Cloth for giving away those awesome cleaning clothes to few lucky iDB readers.

Congrats to our winners:

Check out your DM on Twitter. We sent you instructions 🙂

  • @Element_Phil

    1. I live in Australia, we either have really crap cleaning cloths, or they are just absurdly overpriced.

    2. iDB is my favourite website, and if there logo endorses the cloth, then it must do a pretty great job, as I use my iPhone daily this would definitely come in handy!

  • Rafael Delgado


    1. because i love iDB and the desing looks amazing

    2. because i dont really have a proper cloth to clean my ipod, iphone screen

  • @benanamana I love iDownloadblog and read it every day and I need something to clea my screen with… :p

  • Perfect! i have exactly two reasons.
    1. I’m both into fashion and technology and i’ve been trying to start a movement of men carrying their cleaning cloths instead of pocket squares and handkerchiefs 😉
    2. I don’t use a case for my iphone because it’s beautiful the way it is and i wish more people did too. Because of this i clean my phone 3 times a day with my cloth thats always on me. I also clean my mbp and imac once a week. I’m pretty obsessed you could say.
    Hope you can help me push my cleaning cloth fashion statement!

  • @weebsurfer

    ’cause I’m a sloppy sum beach, and wanna make my shinies shinier!!!

    Thanks for the giveaways!

  • @Fastbreakj I should win because I am always losing my clothes and my iPad screen gets dirty very easily 🙂

  • cause idb is the best informational blog and my iphone needs cleaning really bad… i mean it has been like ages since i last clean that dusty screen. so please jeff, make my life easier and give my the cleaning set for my iphone.
    or else!

  • Anonymous

    1) I truly truly enjoy iDB.
    2) I never win these things 🙁

    and I’m a clean freak.

  • @iamdaychan first and most important! idownloadblog is great!!! i want to carry it to show it to my bros!!! cool thing! second is i always make my screen and device kind of dirty, really need something to help me with!!!

  • ML

    1) I got a lot of lizard s**t on my iDevices b coz the subtropical environment here.
    2) I have dirty fingers. (not as Jeffs hand model ones).

  • Wow look at the response this brought lol

  • i need to win this because i have an iphone ipad itouch and a mac. i always use my devices and play a lot in my ipad and it gets dirty a lot specially when my little cousin play on it. and also im a big fun of idb, i learn a lot from you guys and not a single day im absent viewing your site. Hope you pick me as a winner -Darrel

  • Because I can keep my screen clean and at the same time promote iDB

  • Anonymous

    Why ? Well because i’ve got a iPhone and a iPad, iPad that i share with my whole family and to make it worse i am kind of a hypochondriac… so i’m always cleaning my iPad screen who always got a lot of finger print on the screen (that just horrible… particularly when there is one who got a sweaty hand… yurk !)
    I guess that’s the first reason.

    And the second is this look amazing ! I’ve never heard of a cleaning cloth that also kills germs ! So it’s a must that i need to try as a hypochondriac geek 😀

    So if i can win one of this it will really save my life…

    Anyway thanks for the opportunity !

    And here my twitter username @hito_O

  • i have been reading iDownloadblog for the latest videos by Jeff all the way from Singapore!!! and I am a really big fan of APPLE!!!!

  • I should win because I love idownloadblog (Check it a lot) and I hate fingerprints on my devices.

  • I don’t have facebook so I can’t enter 🙁 I really wanna remember to check iDB whenever I clean my iPad screen (which I constantly clean cause finger marks really bug me)…

    In case I can still enter, my twitter is @thekirbylover.


  • Cause my wife’s a germaphobe and is always complaining about the iPads screen smudges
    And cause I love iDB

  • Anonymous

    @andy5627, Because I’m a fan of idownloadblog, and I need a cleaning cloth. Now you have a idownloadblog cleaning cloth, happy ^^

  • @MickeyVelado you should pick me because i check this website 24 seven and i have an afro

  • cause idb is the best informational blog so i check it every daymand my iphone needs cleaning really bad… i mean it has been like ages since i last clean that dusty screen. so please jeff pimp my ride!, i mean make my life easier and give my the cleaning set for my iphone!.
    or else!


  • @FCsean I should win this because I need it for my ipod and my ipod always gets dirty. I really need to clean my screen:)

  • @nAcolz
    Because I love iDB and how much it has already helped with my iPhone, the only thing now is how my screen gets dirty quickly eww 😉

  • Anonymous

    You guys are one of the reaosns why i get my iphone, your blog is so neat, clean and easy to undesrstand, probably i wouldn’t get my phone without the jailbreak, besides, i´m a fingerprint freak, ifi see one, i MUST clean my screen, i always carry a micrifiber cloth with me, and it would be AWESOME to have an IDB custom cloth, i would surely show it off 🙂

  • @oridahan

    Thanks a lot.

    My iPad and iPhone are always dirty so I could really use this.

  • I love iDownload blog! it’s the best source for my mobile news. Plus the screen clothe looks rad and I would like one 🙂

  • @BRUDSER because i really need a clothe to clean my iphone after all the awiping for Zephyr and fruit ninja hahaha 😀 hope i win!

  • I want one of those. My iPhone 4 is getting dirty and need something to clean it. @TheSkepticalGuy

  • i hope to win because this is one of my fav idevice blogs, and i’d look like a bad ass reppin it hard!!

  • @ciavanni
    1) My Macbook Screen is very, very dirty
    2) My neighbour is not Sexy, is not dirty and she’s not behind a curtain

  • I love my iPhone 4S and I like to clean it to make it as beautiful as it was the first day I opened it and my second reason is that I love iDB. You’re the most up-to-date jailbreak site!

  • @dsd1212
    1) I like Winning
    2) I never Win.

  • I obsess over my screen being finger print clean and I have a couple of fine scratches from using inferior cloths. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Maciej didnt even tweet for this comp 😛 but cool

  • Siv

    Why do bacteria like nitrates so much?
    Because they’re cheaper than day rates.

    1) With germs collecting on my iDevices, you will be hearing a lot more god awful jokes like this. So please, help me to help you 🙂

    2) There is nothing better than an iDevice than a clean iDevice. I own a 3GS, an iPad 2 and an iPhone 4S (plus a MacBook). So believe me when I say, these cloths will be put into good use. Perhaps too much use :s

    Thank you iDownloadBlog!

  • @computerfreak80
    1) Because I’m a heavy iPhone user and I HATE fingerprints all over the screen.
    2) I love iDB and would love to have that with their logo.

    Thanks Sebastien 🙂