Creating custom ringtones is possible without jailbreaking, but it’s still not the simplest feat in the world.

Jailbreaking, on the other hand, makes creating custom ringtones extremely easy.

AnyRing is one such jailbreak app dedicated to creating custom ringtones, SMS alerts, and mail alerts. Check out our video highlights of the recently updated app inside.

AnyRing has been around for quite a while, and was most recently updated to include compatibility with the popular jailbreak tweak entitled CallBar.

The premise behind AnyRing is to let you create your own custom tones using the songs on your Music app, your voice, a music search, a YouTube video, and more.

Once a song has been selected, you can choose to to loop it, and adjust its duration. It’s a very thoughtful and well laid out jailbreak app that lends you the ability to create custom tones for all, or even specific contacts.

There’s also the ability to share tones with other AnyRing users via Bluetooth, if that’s your thing.

I know some people have had issues with AnyRing in the past, but this update has worked flawlessly for me on my jailbroken iPhone 4S.

Even at $3.99 (there is a free trial), it’s hard not to recommend an app that lets you customize your ringtones in such an easy manner.

If you’re interested in trying out AnyRing, head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo where you can download a free trial.

What’s your experience been with AnyRing?

Update: No, for those asking, this does not require iTunes, syncing, etc. Just select a ringtone and go.

  • Unlimtones lets you do almost the exact same thing for free

  • unlimitones is much better

    • Unlimitones is free. That’s pretty much the only thing that it’s better at than AnyRing.

      AnyRing is much more thought out, better laid out, and much more robust.

      You can’t do half of the stuff you can do with AnyRing.

      • What Repo is unlimitones in? I don’t see it in my Cydia?

      • Anonymous

        It’s in bigboss and it’s just UnlimTones there isn’t a second i

      • It’s Unlimtones, not Unlimitones. Take out the i before tones and you’ll find it.

    • Anonymous

      I use unlimitones to and am very happy w it. They have all kinds of songs and alerts you can search through and creating a tone from your music library is very simple. It being free is a bonus but it is so littered w ads I would rather just play a flat fee up front for an ad free version.

  • Do you have to sync it with iTunes for it to become a ringtone or straight from the iPhone ?

  • Anonymous

    Jeff, I like your reviews but sometimes you miss the point.

    The most important question in this case you didn’t answer: DOES THIS INSTALLS THE RINGTONES OR I NEED CABLES + PC + ITUNES? Wake up man.

    • See answer above. Sorry I thought it was obvious that this wouldn’t require iTunes since it’s a jailbreak app.

      • Dan

        don’t worry about it, it was obvious, the guy is just being a jerk

    • jose castro

      ya seyss, read up on your shit, im sure you have bin a jailbreaker for a min, figure it out, not very buddy has the answers. do a little research and maybe you might ANSWER YOUR OWN QUESTION.

  • does it work with bitesms?

  • Nevermind, it’s UnlimTones, not unlimitones.

  • Well Jeff, I appreciate this story if for nothing else then making me aware of UnlimTones! Weeee

    • wow, i just installed AnyRing and it’s horribly buggy for me on my 4S. crashed my phone causing a re-spring on first use…

      • Interesting, it’s been silky smooth for me. Well, thankfully it has a free trial.

      • So I guess you sent a crashlog to the developer, right?

      • So I guess you sent a crashlog to the developer, right?

  • so there is an app called Unlimtones. COOL

  • Anonymous

    and how does this work after a restore? start from scratch?

    thanks for the heads up on UnlimTones!

  • Anonymous

    Been using UnlimTones for a couple years now. Super easy.

  • Jay

    Causes re-spring on exit on my IP4 on 5.0.1 every time I exit the app.

    • Crash log mailed to the developer I presume? How else would he be able to fix it, right?

  • Joe Stewart

    not about this product, but about this site; You really should post in the Blog entry title that this is a PAY APP or FREE APP.

    • Ehm, good idea. But aesthetically wise, that would be hideous.

  • Daniel Peñafiel

    Is there a more integraged tweak for this? (likee playawake), I had a tweak in ios4 but i upgrade to ios5 and I cant remember the name of the tweak, I dont need a beauty GUI, just choose the music of my ipod app

  • App won’t play my iPod music. Also while my ringtone plays correctly, the SMS won’t play the app tone but the default setting. Any suggestions? I have already reinstalled the app.

  • Lol Jeff is a P&F fan 😛

  • Its a great app, but its “unlimited use” is only for one device. If you have to replace your iphone or upgrade to a newer one then you have to pay $3.99 again. This is really stupid and shows how uncaring they are to their customers. I wont be a returning customer until they fix this…atleast not through the Bigboss Repo.

  • ment

    how can i download dis app