It looks like we may never be able to trust the legitimacy of an impressive Game Center account ever again, thanks to this new jailbreak tweak from Ingmar Stein.

Aptly named Overachiever, Stein’s new tweak allows users to earn Game Center achievements without actually playing the required games or levels…

There’s really not much to the package. Once installed, simply pop into your Settings app and select the games that you want to acquire achievements on. It’s worth noting that earned achievements aren’t reversible. So make sure you choose your games wisely.

After you’ve selected the titles, launch the Game Center application and sign in. This is where Overachiever does its magic. It fills in all of the missing achievements of the games you chose in the Settings app, turning you into the king of Angry Birds (or whatever games you selected).

Overachiever isn’t for everyone, and it certainly isn’t a must-have tweak. But if you have some empty spots in your Game Center profile that you want filled, it might be worth trying. You can grab Overachiever from the BigBoss repo in Cydia, for free.

What do you think of Overachiever?

  • Hmm 🙁
    Never seen such a shit tweak before…..

  • I have checked this out… didnt work on half of my games and Angry Birds seems to NOT allow the tweak? Beats me… haha

  • jose castro

    This tweaks is stupid, whats the point of it unless you are a jelous cheating bastard child. seriosuly this tweak needs to be booted from cydia. thats how stupid it is.

    And to cody, why tell us about this tweak, really????????????? this is such a stupid topic.
    Jeff would be ashamed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • HEY! Status is important, especially in gamecenter.

      You know it matters, coz the icon can’t be removed.

      Angry birds achievements, shit yeah

      • jose castro

        LOL BE A MAN

    • We’re just reporting the news, we’re not telling you you should cheat.

  • Useless and it didn’t worked, that’s it.

  • You guys are saying that it doesn’t work like it’s a bad thing.

  • It did not work

    • O. Bakerman

      Oh, noes!

  • gypsyboys911

    Why complaint “we may never be able to trust the legitimacy of an impressive Game Center account ever again”, than making a complete post about it telling people to download it?

    • jose castro

      WOW you read my mind dude,

    • O. Bakerman

      makes me wonder why in the world to “trust” Game Center achievements for what again?

  • O. Bakerman

    …and you are actually cheating who?


  • O. Bakerman

    Ahhh, noticed too late… this had to be Cody again…


    Jeff to the rescue!

  • Dan

    gotta admit this is pretty lame

  • G

    I don’t know why people are crying about this – use it or not, it’s up to you

    • co sign. gotdamn it isn’t that serious. now if this were available for xbox I’d be pissed. lol

      • this is available for xbox. and the xbox one actually works

      • what?! wow, trash.

  • Kok Hean

    Takes out all the fun.

  • Kok Hean

    Takes out all the fun.

  • Érico Gonçalves

    don’t download it. it is a virus!