A few days ago, we told you about QuasiDisk, an app with a hidden tethering feature that sneaked into the App Store. The app was quickly pulled after being publicized on a gazillion blogs.

Today, we learned about yet another app that got through Apple’s strict approval process, hiding a tethering Easter egg. The app is called iRandomizer Numbers. It’s available in the App Store for $4.99…

On the surface, iRandomizer Numbers is a random number generator. However, if you enter “1984” in the minimum field and “31337” in the maximum field then tap “generate”, a tethering configuration screen will appear.

When contacted by Information Week, Nick Kramer, the developer of the app, claimed that:

“Reluctantly, I will admit that my application ‘iRandomizer Numbers’ does have a hidden tethering feature,” he wrote. “I say reluctantly because I didn’t plan on the feature being released. I designed the tethering functionality for my family and close friends not thinking it would be disseminated outside that circle.”

If interested, you should download iRandomizer Numbers before Apple pulls the plug on this app.

UPDATE: The app has been pulled from the App Store. It only took them 24 hours. [Thanks Andrew for the heads up]


  • “Reluctantly, I will admit that my application ‘iRandomizer Numbers’ does have a hidden tethering feature,” YEAH RIGHT reluctantly lol

  • sylvan feghali

    I pressed start but am not sure how to configure it to work , can someone help please? and is it wireless?

    • Read the third paragraph of this post again

      • sylvan feghali

        I read that and I pressed generate and got the page to start tether but am I suppose to see the wifi hotspot in the computer wifi list , not sure really how to connect to the tethered phone , I have my iphone connected with the cable

      • The only thing in the configuration screen you can do is start or stop. And when you press start, no device in my house will find the hotspot. So is this wireless or does your phone have to be connected to your laptop with a cable????

  • What is so great with Tethering? Can you not do that with the stock iPhone? :S

    • But this way you don’t have to pay AT&T $50 or give up your unlimited you have it.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, but you need to pay an extra $20 a month.

    • Kok Hean

      Free Internet tethering from the telcO FTW 😀

  • Anonymous

    Kinda cool though.

  • Paul Hewick

    How does this work? I pressed start and nothing happens. If anyone knows, please let me know.

    Is there a name automatically given to my newly created network via iRandomizer????

  • rob ramsdaro

    I don’t understand these things. Must be for Americans or something. In Canada I have ios5 and personal hotspot. All is included in my plan. Is personal hotspot not included in America. Like mywi is useless to me now. Not trying to be rude just don’t get it?

    • Anonymous


      1) DataPlus
      300MB of data for $20/month

      1)Overage rate of $20 for each additional 300MB

      2) DataPro Personal
      3GB of data for $30/month

      2) Overage rate of $10 for each additional 1GB

      3) DataPro 5GB Personal
      5GB of data for $50/month

      3) Share your connection with up to four additional devices using your Smartphone as a Mobile Hotspot**
      Overage rate of $10 for each additional 1GB

      • Damn, if they started charging people for tethering in Europe the phone companies would’t have it easy. For 50$/month i get 5GB. Oh and that includes 1000 minutes, 1000 sms/mms, free surf in my companies Wireless zones and Spotify Premium. Sweden ftw!

      • rob ramsdaro

        So it’s not just Canada that has it good seems like most places do and it’s shitty american coms that charge for it. Oh but we only do 3 year terms here. Aweful. Wish we had the 2 year

  • Anonymous


  • Anyone know if this creates a wireless hotspot or do you need to connect with a cable?

  • Anonymous

    Man it sucks Americans have to resort to hidden apps or jailbreak to avoid paying extra for tethering. If you’re already paying for data, you should be able to use every last kilobyte whichever way you want! We get shafted with a lot of things in Australia, but thankfully tethering is not one of them.

  • Is this free? Or does it pull from your data plan?

  • J D
  • Anonymous

    This guy had full intention of releasing a tethering app to people other than his family and friends. proof? why demand $4.99 for a basic random number generator? so quit with the ‘reluctance’ bullcrap

  • Anonymous

    All the reviews in the AppStore say the “hidden tethering” doesn’t work. Anybody can confirm?

    • J D

      i can confirm that it works but it took a little work to set up the ad hoc network.

  • ?????….telcos here have no restriction on tethering, all plans are either 12gb or unlimited.
    so it is weird when i read such articles………and i only pay equivalent of about USD$31, 32 for the cheapest plan ( 12gb, 100 outgoing mins chargeable by secs block, free incoming calls, 500 smses )

    • You’re from Singapore? Singapore telcos are planning to raise their 3G plans’ prices soon to pay per use.

  • Siv

    Such a shame that it has been pulled from the app store. Now his “family and close friends” will not be able to tether their devices 🙁

    • Wait… does that mean for the people who already bought it, it won’t work now?

  • I still have my unlimited data with unlimited stock tethering. I’m using the Three network in the UK 🙂