Okay, so we’ve been debating running this story for quite some time now, but we figured since this involves Siri, that ultimately we should do so.

You’re probably all aware of the so-called Siri port that runs on some Russian server hosted who-knows-where. Well, apparently it technically works, although many have had very mixed success in getting it to work.

Inside, we’ll show you what you need to do to go about obtaining this “port” for yourself, although it’s not without some disclaimers…

First and foremost, I could never outright recommend someone install any Siri port because technically, the third party hosting the server can gain access to your personal information. I’m not implying that the owners of Siriport.ru are up to anything unscrupulous, but you can’t be absolutely sure one way or another.

That being said, many couldn’t care less about the risk, hence we’re posting the instructions to obtain it for yourself.

Secondly, I was not able to get this working at all. Although people have claimed on various message boards that it can take anywhere between 15 minutes to as much as a day before it starts working. That right there is enough to make me recommend against using this as it can be time consuming and frustrating.

If you feel comfortable with the prospects of having your personal information accessible, and you can live with the fact that you might not ever get it working anyway, then by all means, proceed.

How to Get Siriport.ru Working on Your iPhone 4

Step 1: Jailbreak your device, and install iFile if you don’t already have it.

Step 2: Add the following repo to Cydia: http://repo.siriport.ru, and install Siriport from that repo.

Step 3: Open Safari and go to this address: http://siriport.ru/1.crt – This will open up an Install Certificate page. Select Install. Enter passcode if necessary.

Step 4: Open iFile and venture to var/mobile/library/preferences and tap the blue arrow next to com.apple.assistant.plist. Set Access Permissions to Read/Write for User, Group, and World.

Step 5: Open the Settings app and go to General > Siri and disable Siri, reboot, and reenable Siri.

Step 6: Start talking to Siri by using the Home button, and continue doing so until you receive a valid response. Reports show that this can take anywhere from 15 minutes to half a day.

As stated, I personally wasn’t able to get this working, because I just don’t have time to continuously invoke Siri over and over again all day. It becomes frustrating after a while. I’ve used other Siri ports, and have had much more success with those, but your mileage may vary.

We’ll be back with a follow up video that shows one such port in action, and once it goes public, we’ll post a how to.

If you’re insistent about getting the Siriport.ru working, then I suggest you hit up this great how-to thread on iFans. Lots of people are reporting success, but again, your mileage will likely vary.

Have you been able to get this working? How long did it take you?

  • Anonymous

    I just did the siriport install on my lunch break & only had to invoke Siri twice in order to get it to work. That was an hour ago & after playing with Siri again & finding it still working, I am now posting this comment. The install guide above is precise just follow it to a tee.

  • Anonymous

    I just did the siriport install on my lunch break & only had to invoke Siri twice in order to get it to work. That was an hour ago & after playing with Siri again & finding it still working, I am now posting this comment. The install guide above is precise just follow it to a tee.

  • Working like a charm. It’s take 2 minute to activate in my iPhone 4…

  • I followed these directions exactly, and so far it isn’t working. It has only been a little while though, but should I do something other than these directions to get it working? Please help guys! What should I change at this point? Or should I just wait it out? Also once it goes up, will it stay up forever or will it go in and out erratically?

    • Anonymous

      Stay with it. I tried all day yesterday without success until I deleted it then reinstalled today on a whim during lunch break. It’s still working & I even installed AssistantExtensions. Keep @ it

    • Looks like it goes in & out after you actually get it working.

  • It works! Try to say weather instead of hi siri

  • This work!It’s Amazing

  • U guys can waste time & effort praying that u get thru to the server or u can stop being cheap & just go buy a reliable server SMH

    • Nishan Fuyal

      which one is reliable to buy?

  • Work all time! iPad 2

  • Don’t know what happened, but when you go to instead of seeing the message that says the server is working it now says “Lion Server”. My SiriPort doesn’t work anymore.

  • Tom

    It took me ages to get this app onto my phone (Cydia was hanging half way through installation). When I finally got it on there, after a few tries at getting it to submit my requests, I noticed that none of my other apps were working any more. I have uninstalled it. Anyone know a fix for this? I’m thinking of installing Spire and using the server from this method maybe.

  • To my surprise, this actually did work. I got it working on my iPhone 4 in about 2 hours, my iPod Touch 4G isn’t working yet but I havent been trying too often. I think they key is every 5-10 minutes trying to say hello to Siri when that doesn’t work switch it up to the dictation mic on the keyboard, thats when it first worked for me.

    • Anonymous

      How do you get the dictation mic?

  • Daniel

    Will this work on an iPod touch (4th Generation)?

  • IT WOORK ! I tried every 15-20 minutes for 5 hours and suddenly it work ! My internet conection is very slow ( it took 2 and half hours just for install siri port ) but siri work very nice, not slow at all ! I live in Paraguay south america ! I have an ipod touch 4 ! keep trying guys, it work !

  • Got it working! Awesome!

  • Thanks for that. I removed the siri port because I couldnt open my apps. The stock apps worked just not the app store ones

    • Dan

      getting the same problem, can’t even open safari

    • Dan

      found a fix, get rid of zeppelin and My3G and 3Gunrestrictor

  • this work in ireland? i install already but still dont working maybe. what is the proxy i have to put in the spire is or only

  • my is working perfect

    • do you use spire ?

    • What did you do exactly, to make it work. And what proxy did you put in Spire. Thanks in advance.

  • yes

  • a bit

  • Alexander Colaço Osorio

    I got it working. Talked in vain to it for two hours, then went to sleep and the next morning it suddenly worked like a charm!
    Has done ever since. Great! I can recommend it to every iPhone 4 owner.

  • dose`t rly work ??

  • Anonymous

    it works for me smoothly, been using it for 4 days now. i only say hi siri once and it goes activated. it runs perfectly on my ip4.

    thanks very much.

  • it wasn’t work on 5.1 tethered boot,although i’ve been rewrite ios5.1 on iphone4 GSM baseband.
    when it installed, reboot automatically and it didn’t boot up.
    get in state unbootable-applelogo screen.

    how can i do. just forget it?

  • The trick to get her to connect is once you say hi Siri or whatever u say raise the phone and the screen goes black and bam she connects! The raise to speak function activates Siri! That was driving me nuts!