Even with an iPad 3 launch almost certainly on the horizon, much of the tech world’s interest still seems to be in Apple’s mysterious TV set. According to the rumor mill, the iPhone-makers are expected to enter the television space at some point in the next two years.

And there’s nobody pulling for that to happen more than Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster. Munster has been the source of several “iTV” rumors over the past couple of months, and now he’s back with more gossip…

In a note to investors yesterday, the analyst mentioned that he had recently spoken with a major TV component supplier about Apple’s purported plans to release a connected HDTV. Sources within the supplier reportedly told Munster that Apple had contacted them with various questions regarding their components.

Munster believes that we could see an Apple TV set by late 2012, although we’ve recently heard it could surface as early as April. Predicting the device’s release date is fairly tricky because even if Apple finishes the hardware, it still needs to figure out the content side of things.¬†Will it just connect directly to your Dish or Cable provider like your current set does, or will Apple drum up something of its own? We’ve heard numerous reports of Apple talking to TV networks and other content providers over the past few months.

While we’re still chalking most of this up to typical “Apple gossip,” we do believe that Apple is actively working on a full-blown TV set. There’s an old saying that goes, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” And man is it getting dingy in here.


  • Anonymous

    Maybe Apple will get sued by the seemingly popular, yet full of shit, British tv channel ITV. It’s a capital I not lower case but surely that’s still infringement and it has being going a lot longer than Apple’s “i” products … A lawsuit would fit in with Apple’s recent activity lol

    • Who cares? More lawsuits makes apple more famous

      • Anonymous

        Until they lose and cease to exist, I guess nobody would care about that either would they …. ye, right !!

      • I’m pretty sure Apple has enough money in the bank to pay off any company virtually any amount of money.

      • Seriously? Apple has so much money that they won’t give a damn about spending some.why do you think they are going to lose?

    • Jon Garrett

      makes sense, apple used the iPhone name even though that product was around for about a decade before the iPhone. same with the iPad name which a Chinese company will use to make trouble for apple if they sell the iPad in China.

      Compaq had a line of iPaq devices in the 90’s. they were revolutionary at that time, full color touch screen, multimedia player, mobile app store, bluetooth & WiFi enabled and Im sure they were the inspiration for future devices.

  • Apple have tried to get the name from the tv company and the answer was no ..so I will not be called iTV ..end of..
    ITV has been going longer than apple and had the name first…it will not sell the name…