• jose castro

    bad@ss, they need more logos

  • David Cooksey

    Need Audi Four Rings

    • Anonymous

      Nice pic

    • im sure it would be quite simple to make it yourself, if you want i can do it for you

  • Does this support different status bar themes?

  • Anonymous

    It should give the specs required for a logo and allow you to import your own

  • oooooo… very nice.

  • Ahahaha that was awesome. Not like always ‘This is Jeff’. Now it’s ‘It’s Zeppelin with iDB’ 😀 lol Jeff

  • tri force for the win.

  • Anonymous

    Be cool if he made a tweak to do this….except to change the 3G icon………….

  • Anonymous

    and if I remove the tweak after I get bored of it will go back to the standard carrier logo without hassle, right?

  • Dan

    gonna try this out, weirdly it’s not showing up for me yet

    *got it, pretty neat

    • refresh cydia. close it & go in it again

      • Dan

        yup got it, oddly, it hides my custom carrier name

  • Dan

    well my phone decided that it wants to be superman, I can’t change the theme lol

  • can we add a new logos?

  • Pretty sweet idea, I miss having a custom carrier logo. I wrote a guide on how to do it for iOS 4.1 and below, but something changed and I could never figure out how to do it! I’m sure if you browse the filesystem using iFile etc, you’ll be able to find a folder where these logos are – just replace one with your custom one and I’d say it’ll work.

    • Hi, Greetings…

      Can you please explain where to locate Zeppeline in iPhone (ifunbox) so that I’ll try to add my own picture.
      Thank you

      • Anonymous


  • Xbox x ball

  • need Stüssy logo 🙂

  • ezanov merdovane

    thx, jeff for your blog o folow you everyday since you start good luck and good continuation .

  • Refreshed thrice and still
    Can’t find it

  • Hey Jeff, how did you change the slide to unlock arrow from grey to red??

    • jose castro


  • Anonymous

    Despite these are logos not availible right now, how is this any different from MakeItMine tweak that’s incorporated in SBSettings?

  • It’d be amazing if I could FINALLY find a Sprint carrier logo. With their yellow/black logo. Like this. I found a few in Cydia, but they don’t work on iPhone 4S


    • Yeah, I wouldn’t mind this. I actually like Sprint’s logo.

      • can’t find one anywhere..id PAY for it

      • US Carrier Logos Zeppelin
        Search it on Cydia. It has the Sprint logo :’D

  • I put a Triforce. I wish I could put both the logo and some text.

  • Jeff please answer my question. I saw your tweaks installed, and saw Zephyr. >.< Is Zephyr works with WeeKillBackground Pro? I know Multicleaner doesn't, that's why I want to know to avoid wasting $ 0.99

    Pls answer, it would be a great help.

  • I’ve made T-Mobile logos, so if anybody is interested leave me a message.

  • Tom

    Cool little tweak.

    I had a small issue getting it to work. Back before iOS5, I had ‘Make it Mine’ installed and I had the iPhone Emoji as my carrier logo. When I 1st jailbroke iOS5, my carrier logo weirdly changed to the iPhone emoji even though I didn’t install Make it Mine. I didn’t think much of it till I saw this tweak.

    To get it to work I had to install Make it Mine. leave the text box blank and respring (effectively removing the iPhone emoji). I now have my Zeppelin logo showing. :o)

  • hey can any one explain how to make a logo of my own carrier ?

  • Никита Осенников


  • Никита Осенников

    при загрузке репозитории modmyi пишет bad url и ошибка sib process бла бла че деалть?

  • Anonymous

    If anyone needs a carrier logo for this tweak email me the specs at khalistan55@me.com

  • Does anybody else realize you can put anything in place of the carrier using Springtomize? Including emoticons and such?

  • crystal

    sumsung can do it??
    pls reply