There are already tons of different ways you can invoke the Twitter panel in iOS 5, and this is just one of the latest methods for doing so.

QuickTweet is a Notification Center shortcut for iOS 5 that places a quick link to the compose tweet function in the bottom left-hand corner. This could be the perfect companion to IntelliScreenX’s built-in Messages+ SMS shortcut, because it’s situated directly across from it…

QuickTweet features no settings or options to configure, just install it, and you will notice the shortcut in the bottom left-hand corner of Notification Center.

It’s a free download on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for jailbroken iOS 5 devices.

Do you plan on giving it a go?

  • Better option is install Lockinfo and the Twitter plugin. Compose/Mentions/Timeline/Messages all from your notification center.

  • Better to set activator to launch tweet by swiping from somewhere to somewhere in any screen.

    • My man you know exactly what workflow is great minds think alike.

  • Thanks. Works well

  • What tweak gives you the close all option on Notification Center?

  • Anonymous

    It’s not showing in Cydia

  • It’s not showing in Cydia for me either.

  • Do a search for “QuickTweet” in Cydia and you’ll find it

    • It’s showing up now. Already installed. Thank you!

  • Yes, better with an activator gesture

    • In case you guys were wondering I just found it. It’s
      Custom NC background

  • How did he get the black background on his notification center Looks awesome…

  • Works great. Loving it so far..

  • JayKay

    I Cant find it in cydia

  • biteSMS + QuickTweet = Awesome Combo 😉

  • desnecesary !

  • Lock Info is horrible for this task or anything really, the best available Twitter client is the one that’s built into iOS and ISX. This Quick Tweet plugin is exactly that! All its doing is bringing up the built in twitter function.
    Here is my best twitter setup so far using an Activator slide gesture. All you do is go into Activator and apply a slide gesture to the Status bar. Depending on if you want to show the twitter widget everywhere, including the Lock Screen is totally up to you. I use Anywhere in Activator with the “Swipe Left” gesture. In Activator you will select the Compose Tweet Action, that is all Have Fun. There is now a better Alternative to lock info and Sb Settings! Its called ISX it puts the most common toggles on the Notification Screen for a cleaner SBsettings. You can choose to show the toggles by swiping down in Notification Center. Now to complete the overall Twitter experience ISX comes with the best Facebook & Twitter integration right in the Notification Center. The way it works is you have your main Notification Center and then you have sub Notification Centers you can access by swiping Left or Right. And its completely up to you to show what ever Notification Center you would like to see by default. Another cool tweak I do is use the Swipe Right gesture on the Status Bar for Spotlight. I use spotlight quite a bit since I have so many apps. It is cool to be able to use spotlight and use twitter from anywhere on you’re phone. One last tweak I forgot is Quit All Application using Multicleaner this helps keep your phone fresh and running smooth. The Activator Gesture I use for it is 3 click press on the Home button. Have fun if anyone is interested in my configurations you can add me to Facebook. None of my friends can tell my phone is Jailbroken because I take pride in making sure my iPhone stays and looks as Apple shipped it. I even keep the water bubbles wallpaper by default. Im really a neat freak and detail oriented person and this is the result of that lmao.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, I guess QuickTweet has been dropping in and out because it’s not there anymore. This tweak is great because I have a 3GS and a little icon on the corner won’t affect my RAM or lag my phone anymore. I really want it :(.

    • You don’t need it read my post you can activate it using Activator and a Swipe Gesture

    • Anonymous

      Same here :/ want it badly. Not showing up..