Apple heavily relies on Foxconn for producing its hugely popular iPhones and iPads, and the more business booms for Apple, the better Foxconn does, too.

Foxconn’s huge production facilities are apparently not quite huge enough, and now the company is looking at building a further five facilities in Brazil, with the aim of helping it to keep up with demand for Apple devices.

According to AppleInsider, the five new facilities will employ about 1,000 people each…

Apple hardware may not be the only products built in the new Foxconn factories, with them apparently being tooled for notebook production as well as general electronics construction.

The exact location of where the five new factories will be built is not yet known, with Foxconn officials set to meet with Brazilian government workers in order to decide on the best locations.

The fact that Apple’s biggest supplier of hardware is looking to build a further five production facilities goes some way to show just how well business is for both Foxconn and Apple. We imagine building one of those factories is not a cheap proposition, so putting five together must cost a small fortune.

Paying your workers peanuts probably helps there, though.

  • Érico Gonçalves

    i bet this isn’t a reality till the end of the next year!

  • My god, five factories in same country? With low labour wage, foxconn must be damn filthy rich

    • Labour wage in Brazil is very highter than China, but here to USA we have a very better logistics

  • Pay workers with peanuts????
    Who you think we are?? Monkeys??

    We now support USA with millions of dollars every day been spending in Florida, NY ans other cities from brazilians.

    You need to change your concepts because our economy is very very better than yours at this time… Obama knows that, ask to him… 😉

    • Vocé esta muito iludido en acreditar que a economia Brazileira e melhor do que a dos USA

  • So otario accreditation no Brazzzil, e an Jilma,e na corja depoliticos Brazileiros.

  • Paying your workers peanuts???? Are you out of your mind? Who do you think you are talking about? Very sad to see it in a big website like yours saying this kind of thing about me and my fellow.