Corona 5.0.1 Untether Updated to Fix iBooks DRM Issue

By , Jan 31, 2012

A couple days ago, RedSn0w was updated to fix the iBooks DRM issue where some images wouldn’t display properly, or wouldn’t even display at all. At the time, we noted that a Corona update shouldn’t be too far out.

Saurik just announced on Twitter that Corona has been updated to version 1.0-7 to fix those issues mentioned above…

Saurik noted that this fix is valid for every jailbroken device on iOS 5.0.1, except for iPhone 3GS old bootrom.

If you’ve already installed Corona, simply open up Cydia and update to the latest version. If you haven’t jailbroken your device yet, we recommend you use RedSn0w, which will provide you with a one-stop untether jailbreak.

For more information about the Corona untether, please check out our detailed guide.

As usual, make sure to read your jailbreak page for answers to all your questions about jailbreaking.

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  • Judging by @saurik’s tweak, he said its for all devices jailbroke on iOS 5.0.1 – I’m guessing he means A5 devices too? And if so, does this only fix iBooks issues or does it fix other bugs? Because I literally never use iBooks, but I’d welcome other bug fixes if they’re included.

    • Good for every device except iPhone 3GS old bootrom

  • Anonymous

    still cant get ibooks to work on my ipad 1 or iphone 4… even after this update… i may try to re-jailbreak from scratch

  • Anonymous

    I used redsnow for my untether on 5.0.1…I can simply install this from cydia and ibooks will be good as new?

  • “Saurik noted that this fix is valid for every jailbroken device on iOS 5.0.1, except for iPhone 3GS old bootrom.” this isn´t true. Only for A4 iDevice. Wait with my ipad 2 for fix my iBooks

    • Read Saurik’s tweets again. This is good for ALL devices on 5.0.1 except older bootrom 3GS

  • Saurik say now: “(the only supported 5.0 build; absinthe’s Corona had worked)” A5


    • Works for me iphone 4s !! Ios 5..0.1

      • How? used absinthe for jailbroken iphone 4s? i can´t install corona in my ipad 2