Last week’s jailbreak theme was overwhelmingly Siri. Apple’s mobile assistant finally started to gain some useful jailbreak tweaks thanks to the iPhone 4S untethered jailbreak. We also covered how to get XBMC on your iPhone and other portable iOS devices to really open up its media capabilities.

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How to Install XBMC on Your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad

How to Tweet With Siri

AssistantExtensions: The Best Jailbreak Tweak for Siri

How to Translate Phrases and Words With Siri

How to Create Custom Siri Conversations

  • Nice one. Siri siri siri siri siri. I don’t have siri. I don’t use XBMC.
    Ok, I’ll wait for a next week! 🙂

  • jose castro

    ya i only us xbmc, i dont have siri, but good videos

  • Dan

    now that we have untethered, here’s hoping we’ll get a video on how to get Siri for iphone 4 without having access to a 4S!

    • Exactly. I don’t need real siri. I need just that AssistantExtensions work on it. Please. You hackers can do that.

      • yeah plsss ihave evi but its not working

      • Anonymous

        I have have a 4s with AsstEx. It is nice. Looking forward to improvements. That being said I also have Evi installed on my phone and sons Touch and when the server is working it aint that bad. I think we need to give them time to get servers together. Remember Apple had issues with Siri the first few days and they have $110 billion in the bank.

        I actually think when Evi is at her best she will be enough to curb someone from getting a 4s. I know I regret it. I only upgraded because my 4 was a 16 gig and i was tired of deleteing to make space so I bought a 32 4s. I buy off CL so I’m not concerened about contracts. Just buy and sell. Anyway……An iphone 4, Touch or lower will be great with Evi. Siri is a novelty. Evi at .99 is awesome and the way to go. Only thing is she won’t set appointmenst and since it’s in the app store Apple will be very picky about what it allows it to have access to programing wise.

    • buy an 4S simple

  • Anonymous

    All Siri videos except for