HomePlayer is a jailbreak tweak that brings a fully focused audio experience to your SpringBoard. It interfaces directly with the Music app to bring a full screen music playing session to the Home Screen.

When I say “fully focused” I truly mean it, as the app completely disables the Home button’s functionality to prevent users from exiting the interface.

It’s an interesting concept, although it can be a bit buggy at times. In the end it’s an obvious 1.0 tweak that can go as far as its developers decide to take it…

HomePlayer presents a large photo of the current song’s album art in the middle of the interface. The art is surrounded by your normal music controls along with shuffle, volume, repeat, and AirPlay options.

There’s also a nice provision that allows you to easily access a track’s lyrics from the convenience of the HomePlayer interface.

This all being said, the tweak is very buggy from my experience. On more than a few occasions I experienced complete lock ups to my iPhone. Only by completely resetting my phone could I regain access to the Home screen. I’ve noticed that most of the bugs occur when using whatever Activator action you have setup to open and close HomePlayer, so that could have something to do with it.

Other bugs I experienced were album art and song information not changing when switching to a new album, and complete lock ups when switching songs while using iCloud.

I can’t really recommend this tweak due to the bugs in its current iteration, especially for $1.99. Perhaps in the future when some of its bugs are stamped out it will be worth a look.

Have you tried HomePlayer? What has been your experience thus far?

  • jose castro

    nice, i hope they fix the bugs, hey jeff can this be used on the lockscreen?

    • No, I don’t believe so.

      • jose castro

        that sucks, that would be a good implementation

  • Anonymous

    hey jeff
    i got homeplayer and like you wrote, every time i execute the activator action to bring up homeplayer my sprongboard freezes and the only way to get back is by “force rebooting”. it worked once, the first time, when i set it to double click home button but the switcher showed up so i changed it and the freezing happened.
    reinstall didn’t help.
    any ideas?

  • Anonymous

    I really don’t think this is worth anything until it can be used in an app as well as in the springboard. I really miss my iOS 4 iPod controls u could set with Actuvator. Have not seen one iPod controls tweak that comes even close. PopPod sucks, and so does SpringPod. I just wants old iPod controls and no one will bring it back. Bums me out. 🙁

    • Anonymous

      i think you can bring up the old popup using activator. also there are ipod controls in the app switcher if you swipe right. if you swipe right again you’ll get volume control.

    • What about MusicControls Pro?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah…….don’t install it. Wait for an update.

  • Did somebody saw the 2 play icons in the status bar next to the battery icon at 1:31?

    • jose castro

      “see” dude see, did some one see the 2…………… lol

  • Anonymous

    Exactly what is the purpose of this tweak?? I really don’t see how installing this is anymore beneficial than say, setting up an activator gesture for the music app. Maybe i’m missing something but it just seems like another rather pointless tweak.

  • This tweak freezes my iPhone :/

  • Erdem Yoruk

    ^^ ME TOO

  • Have Jeff do you know if it works with the pandora app.

  • I would love for Spotlight to be replaced with this, a simple swipe to access it as a separate page, rather than a dedicated activator set.