Apple is coming under new accusations today for reportedly witholding payments due from ‘copy tax’, from iPads sold in France. French publication Les Echos is reporting that Apple is refusing to pay the tax on 64GB iPads sold in 2011, and is now coming under-fire.

Apple reportedly owes a total of €4.74 million ($6.3 million), which comes from the 500,000 iPads sold in France during 2011.

So what is a copy tax exactly?

Apple, Nokia, Motorola, Sony-Ericsson, RIM, and more are required to pay a €12 tax on 64GB devices and higher that allow customers to produce their own media for personal use. Copie France, a company that works to protect artist’s rights, is hoping to collect the money from Apple.

It’s worth noting that a French court dismissed the tax on 64GB tablets for the year of 2012. That’s why Apple and other companies are protesting and not paying 2011’s taxes.

We’ll see how this plays out in French courts.

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  • Siv

    LOL is this fo’ real?! Apple is resting on a billion dollar cash pile and they are resisting the payment of a few million?

    That’s funny.

  • Anonymous

    Aquisitions?! Somebody thinks they are going to buy Apple? You must have totally meant “accusations”.

    • Lol, my thoughts exactly. “I don’t think acquisitions means what you think it means.”

  • So this is a tax on 64gig devices …best not come out with a 128gig device then..

    • Dan

      man I hope they do, 64GB fills up quick