A few days ago we told you that the US Copyright Office was due to renew the exemption given to jailbreaking. Should they decide not to renew the exemption, jailbreaking could become this gray legal area again, with no actual text making it legal or illegal.

Although very unlikely, that means jailbreakers could potentially be at risk of being sued by Apple for jailbreaking their device. Again, Apple never sued a jailbreaker and likely never will, but sometimes, it’s just a matter of principle. We want jailbreaking to be officially legal…

There is one quick and easy way you can help make jailbreaking legal. Simply go to this form and include the following information into an attachment to be sent with the form:

  • Which jailbreaking exemption are you supporting—smartphones/tablets, video game consoles, or both?
  • What’s your background (are you a developer, hobbyist, user, independent researcher, etc.)?
  • What device do you want to ensure you have the legal authority to jailbreak?
  • What limitations would you face if you weren’t able to jailbreak?

Don’t need to write an essay. Just a few words will show your dedication and support.

All comments should be marked as ‘class 5’ and are due by 5 PM ET on February 10.

If you want to help the jailbreak community, this is your time to shine!

  • Class 5.
    Jailbreaking should stay legal because it makes us have the opportunity to make our phones the way we want them or even need them with some disabilities. Jailbreaking for life

    • agreed, it’s more of a control thing, and think about it and where technology would be at if we just accepted things as they were, .. no you can not change that, why would you want to do that, it is just ok the way it is, hey what can you do, why would i want to make a change that would take a 3 hour process down to 15 minutes, no dont do that …blah blah blah… i can see this being an ongoing battle/control/money etc

  • Well, I am in Sweden, so I can’t really help. But I find it funny that Apple wants to take away jailbreaking. I bought my 4S full price. I own it so I don’t understand why I shouldn’t be able to jailbreak it.

  • Dan

    I don’t get why jailbreaking would be illegal, unless you’re pirating apps. If it weren’t for jailbreak, I doubt I would of even bought an iPhone in the first place (and I doubt I’m the only one), so this would be a loss for Apple.

  • jose castro

    just did it

  • i agree with this mainly because back in 07, the device was good but needed to be alot better, so people who understood how to do this.. and added more functionality, especially since the app store was young and did not offer alot of useful apps and the number of apps that it has today. So today i would say the need to jailbreak has toned down a bit, but there still is a need to do this as the restrictions or to be able to take the device to the next level and actually make it a more useful product…

    • App Store was created because of jailbreaking people making third party apps.

  • don’t get why jailbreaking would be illegal, unless you’re pirating apps. If it weren’t for jailbreak, I doubt I would of even bought an iPhone in the first place (and I doubt I’m the only one), so this would be a loss for Apple.

    • Dan

      Uh dude what’s with copy pasting my comment? Lol

      • They probably just lost it after seeing “would of” yet again.

      • Dan

        french is my first language so maybe I’m missing something, was that not grammatically correct?

      • Try typing: “I don’t think I would have bought an iPhone had it not been for jailbreaking”.

      • Dan

        Uhm ok. Although I wasn’t aware that we had grammar police at IDB lol. (not directed towards you, but the OP)

      • Don’t worrie, I’ve got no problem with bad grammer. I didn’t see the mistake until someone pointed it out. And like you said English is not your first language 🙂

  • Greg .

    I am writing to support the Smartphone/Tablets and Video Game Console exemption. I am a hobbyist who has the firm belief that I should be able to modify the products I buy and the US Copyright Office should not take our right of personal property away. I have an IPhone 4s and feel since I paid $600 to buy it I have every right to do with it what I please. I equate this belief to owning a home.
    When I was a renter I was not able to hang a picture on the wall unless I got approval from my landlord much like if I were renting a phone I would respect the limitations put on it by the owner. But since I bought my own home I can hang a picture or do what I want to it within reason and similarly I should be able to do what I please with my phone.
    If you want to impose rules such as I have building codes and ordinances controlling what I can do to my home that would seem reasonable but taking my individual rights away because some will undoubtedly use the freedom to steal or commit other crimes is not a compelling enough argument in my opinion to take our rights away.
    Thank you for taking the time to hear my thoughts,

  • Signed and submitted file!

  • Without jailbreaking iphone will not be like iphone…..The core excitement of iphone embedded in Jailbreaking

  • Had Geohot not released his jailbreak then the iPhone would probably still not have any Mulitasking or Home Screen Wallpaper…

  • Jailbreaking is actually a great selling point for iPhones, making them an even better reason to be purchased. It allows you to customize the appearance of the device in a more personalized way and can also make using the device easier and faster. I jailbreak to be able to have quick access to enabling/disabling wifi and bluetooth settings and just to make the iPhone experience easier, nicer and better. I don’t understand why it wouldn’t be legal at all. Of course, idiots who use install0us should be blocked. That’s the only thing that can be considered illegal, but then Windows PCs would be illegal if someone Google’d an illegal download and downloaded it. It’s up to the user to be a **** or not. Jailbreaking has no reason to be illegal and I fully support the jailbreak communities, as I just jailbroke my iPhone and couldn’t be happier with how much more useful and creative it is now.

  • Keep our iphones free and keep jailbreaking legal!!!

  • Jailbreaking should not be banned, it creates developers, new ideas, fun and once a phone is purchased the manufacturer does not have any right to stop it’s owner doing whatever one likes with there phone.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t mind it being made “illegal”. That way, I’ll finally feel free to buy myself a Galaxy S2.

  • Class 5
    Unless i pirate any application, jailbreaking is my right since i own the device itself and its my decision on how to use it. I can shoot it, step on it or install android OS on it, just as i can jailbreak it as long as i take the responsibility of loosing guarantee and not pirate any application. Thus, jailbreaking must not be made illegal and cannot be made illegal if you ask me. Making it illegal would be illegal in the first place. . .

  • Jailbreaking should be legal, cause quite frankly I paid for my phone. Apple merely created the phone for consumers such as myself, but it’s up to my how I treat it, use it, void it’s warranty, jailbreak it, etc.. Apple doesn’t pay my bills & has never helped me buy an iPhone, so I’ll do what I please with my phone!

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