The folks at GelaSkins emailed us yesterday to let us know that their eReader skins are now shipping in a velvety matte finish. The new skins blend with the page-like screens of eReaders and eliminate glare associated with the signature gloss finish.

This is all great news if you have an eReader such as a Kindle, Nook, or Sony eReaders. But we’re iPad people over here, and we like the shiny glossy finish.

To celebrate their new finish though, GelaSkins was kind enough to provide us with two $40 gift codes to give away to our loyal readers…

The codes can be used with any GelaSkins products, but of course we’d rather you use them with an iPad.

There are no age or shipping restriction, so anyone can enter for a chance to win. The giveaway will conclude on Sunday, January 29th at 6pm PST. At which time, we will contact the winners via Twitter DM to give them their gift code.

How to Win:

1. Make sure you follow @iDownloadBlog on Twitter.

2. Make sure you follow iDB on Facebook.

3. Click here to retweet this.

4. For additional chances to win, click the Facebook LIKE button at the top or bottom of this post.

5. For even more chances to win, let us know in the comments section why you should win (don’t forget to leave your Twitter username so we know who you are).

We want to thank the folks at GelaSkins for this awesome giveaway. Make sure to check them out for all your skins needs.


Congratulations to @brradley and @rnewstrom. You guys won a $40 gift code each. Please check your DM on Twitter for more details.

Everybody else who didn’t win, don’t lose hope. We have many more giveaways lined up.

  • i’ve got Colin Thompson Bookshelf on my iPhone.It’ll be good if i could have this on my iPad.

  • This is soo awesome!!! I’d love to have it I make my iPad way fancy and cool!!! -@xomich16xo

  • Darrel Hong

    I just jailbroke my iPad and could use this to protect and theme my iPad @darrelhong

  • I should win this because I follow your posts everyday.

  • I want to Theme my iPad softwarebased. But what will fit this perfectly? Yes, a awesome Case-Skin.
    Would be cool if i win

  • I would LOVE to have a GelaSkins for my iPad, but alas, I NEVER WIN ANYTHING.

    hint, hint.


  • January 29th is my birthday so this would be an awesome birthday present my twitter is @rakeemislam_ thank you:’)

  • I’m “chebtamer” on twitter, I wish to win because It looks wonderful, not available to buy in Egypt where I live and finally because I never won anything before 🙂

  • I saw these cases in an Apple Premium Reseller and they look awesome. I’d love to have one. And iDB is the best blog- you are always up to date in Cydia tweaks.
    My username: @costee

  • Because I love The Great Wave and it was actually one of my first wallpapers for my original iPad.


  • I would love to have the GleSkins for my iPad 2 because it looks sooo stylish! BTW, what is the phrase to tweet? is giving me an error


    • I edited the link. It should now work fine.

  • Wes Crockett


    I would love one of these!

  • Anonymous

    Reading your blog since many years,by subscribing to your RSS.But asking to follow on twitter and on facebook to be eligible does not feel good though.
    If you still consider me my twitter Id is @jassired

  • Im planing to buy an iPad2, this is a good incentive for me, will look great in it!!

  • Anonymous

    Hook it up! I just want 1 @ryanwattz

  • i want to win because this is simply amazing.


  • i want to win
    who won the ipad stands?

  • The Gelaskins just looks gorgeous.. And would make my iPad even more of a showstopper than it already is (@farhanafadzli)

  • I have not found a cover I like for my ipad2.
    The GelaSkin would be a perfect choice for me and my ipad2

  • It’s awesome and the best protection for my ipad 2.
    Many thanks to The folks at GelaSkins for the awesome giveaway and many thanks to IDB for good news.

    Twitter – @hmanny8

  • Anonymous

    I have a GelaSkin on my wifes phone, and it looks hella sweet! Would like one for my iPad now!

  • I finally bought myself an iPad because I review tweaks. I need some kind of protection for it so that I can count on its durability and long-lasting life span. @BouchardAnthony

  • Ok… 3rd time lucky..oh wait I don’t have a iPad ..still worth a go though..

    • You know my twitter name already ..I’ve won twice before but anyway here it is
      @oneBurge… In case you missed it

  • I would love to win as my iPad is currently pretty plain and my iPad needs more protection against scratches!

    Liked on Facebook, followed and retweeted 🙂

  • Donovan Wynter

    i been trying for other giveways from iDB but never albe to win anything so i think it is fair that i win the GelaSkin

  • I allready have it on my iphoen so it would be awesome to get it to my Ipad aswell.

  • Anonymous

    I dont have a case or anything for my ipad and i want the skin to make my ipad look awesome!

  • Just re-jailbroke my iPad 2. Now I need this sweet case to top it off.

  • @ericarmstrongg Just re-jailbroke my iPad 2. Now I need this sweet case to top it off.

  • I would love to have one of these because it would make my iPad look soooo cool (right now it’s very boring due to no case or anything). I follow you guys on twitter and Facebook and I don’t go a day without visiting your website. I love you guys. @rnewstrom

  • Really wanted something to protect the back of my iPad from scratches with my smart cover

  • 1. because Im aswsoome
    2.Im viiting your site evry day!
    3.I know 3 Langs.
    4. I dont have 40 dollars.
    5.Im living In a BOX.

  • @kta10
    I deserve to win because I live in Mexico haha and so demonstrate the great blog that is.

  • I should win bcoz I do like customizing my iPad whit everything I can =D | @caiolv on twitter

  • Am a tokidoki fan, so having the Discoteca for my iPad would be marvelous.

  • Anonymous

    Why not?? Free skin cover for my ipad is always a good thing:-)

  • Just got a brand new Ipad 2 & was looking for a Cover & you guys are giving away it as competition ! why not participate ..after its a game worth winning ! 🙂

  • I would like to win because i have finally found the perfect accessory for my iPad thanks to iDB!! I was looking everywhere for something unique to turn my iPad into something different from anyone’s iPad and thanks to iDB i have the chance to win one. iDB THE BEST BLOG EVER!!

  • I know I won’t win cuz Sebastian hates me lol!

  • Followed, liked, shared …. 🙂
    Fb Massimiliano Sbrana
    twitter @mrtax2005

  • I always try to win giveaways like these but I haven’t won one yet. Plus I know a lot of people with iPad’s so I would be great advertisment. Twitter name is: StevetheMurph

  • I always try to win giveaways like these but I haven’t won one yet. Plus I know a lot of people with iPad’s so I would be great advertisment. Twitter name is: StevetheMurph

  • This skin looks epic. I got my iPad 2 at Christmas, and I have yet to find a good looking case. I would be proud showing this off to my friends and my mom. (She has an iPad 2) (too).

  • The GelaSkins are awesome! Hope to be one of the luckiest winners 🙂 –> @Gimmi94

  • …because I have never one anything before in my life.

  • Anonymous

    I need to win so it will keep my 4 year old from scratching my iPad up! She loves playing on it when I’m not looking at idownloadblog! Twitter is @iculknfne. Love the website!

  • My naked IPad would be much happier an safer with a GelaSkin. I just visited the Website. The designs are amazing.

  • San

    I need a new a new back cover cause I had to give up my BSE when I got my iPad replaced the other week. Took too long to take it off in the apple store that I gave up on it.

  • the artistic dimension of the GelaSkins are just superb!!

  • the artistic dimension GelaSkins skins have are just superb!!!