By now you’ve probably heard of AssistantExtensions β€” the awesome Siri tweak for jailbroken iPhone 4S’ that allows for a seemingly endless amount of customization to the personal assistant.

It’s an amazing tweak in itself, and will likely garner numerous extensions and plugins to make it even more awesome than it currently is. But did you know that with the help of this tweak you can start creating your own custom conversations with Siri now?

Inside, we’ll show you how to do just that; it’s not difficult, just follow a few easy steps.

Step 1: Install AssistantExtensions on your jailbroken device running Siri.

Step 2: Copy the following template to a text file. On a Mac you can just use TextEdit, or Notepad on Windows. Save the file with the aiml extension. e.g. idb.aiml.

Step 3: SSH to your device, and copy your .aiml file to /Library/AssistantExtensions/aiml/ directory.

Step 4: Invoke Siri and say “Let’s Chat” Siri will then upload the contents of the aiml files contained within that directory into memory. After it finishes loading, you can ask your custom question and get a custom response.

Obviously this is a very rudimentary example for demonstrative purposes. If you want some more complex examples, head over to your /Library/AssistantExtensions/aiml/ directory on your device, and copy one of the other .aiml files to your desktop. This will allow you to see all of the valid tags, and methods to make your Siri conversations even deeper.

AIML stands for Artificial Intelligence Markup Language, an XML compliant language used to converse with software agents like Siri and others. To learn more about it and its various uses, I highly recommend you check out this website.

If you create any cool custom siri conversations, we urge you to upload them to YouTube and share in the comments. This should be interesting, will you give it a shot?

  • This is the best site!!!

  • Anonymous

    Siri didn’t already know that? I am disappointed… πŸ˜‰

    Great job Jeff and the rest of the iDB staff!

  • Hehe, when in chatmode, ask Siri if she likes Google.

  • This is going to be fun!

  • JayKay

    Jeff u r too good, but im still having problem with siri on mu ipad 2, she is there but she isnt responding always saying im sorry try again later.

  • Peshawa Mahmood

    why don’t anybody think of integrating maps for UK and other countries using this please!!

    BTW Good job!

  • can it be use with spire?

  • Franziska u. Orlin S.K.

    Jeff, how i can change it from english to german? I mean “Let’s chat” in german to change πŸ™

  • Franziska u. Orlin S.K.

    Jeff, how i can change it from english to german? I mean “Let’s chat” in german to change πŸ™

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to see if i replicate the video of Siri rapping “Hypnotize”

  • Binhu Machado

    My does not have that folder AssistantExtensions, I got in Library but no AssistantExtensions inside that one. Please help me out!

    • Are you sure it’s the correct Library? There’s three different ” Library ” that will open you to different sections. Make sure you go all the way back till you can’t go back nomore. You could also use iFile.

      • Binhu Machado

        Got it but when I says Let’s chat Siri says she does not know what I mean by that!

  • I think its safe to say we’ll have a that’s what she said extension within the next week.

  • Lame… Its supposed to be artificial intelligence, not artificially programmed conversations. I want Siri to answer something that I do not know. Not regurgitate crap that I already know and that I added myself.

    • It’s just for fun, show it off to your friends.

  • Alvin Mendez

    Does AssistantExtensions play nice with VoiceUtils, or other Siri tweaks?

    • Yes it does (: but why bother, Assistant Extentions already has most of it integrated into it.

  • I”ll be using this for sure thank you for the info

  • Binhu Machado

    When I say let’s chat it says it doens’t know what I mean by that! what do I do?

  • Have you install AssistantExtensions file from Cydia? It looks to me like u didn’t install it & that’s why you can’t see this:
    /Library/AssistantExtensions/aiml/ directory

    • Binhu Machado

      Yes I did. I do have /Library/AssistantExtensions/aiml/ directory

      • Try reinstalling it. Are you sure you have the latest version? Try saying ” let’s talk ” instead. Try tweeting and see if that works? If that doesn’t work then it might not be taking any effect. Do you have any other Siri tweak installed?

  • Hi, thanks! but when I say ‘Let’s Chat’ or just ask my question Siri does a web search for it :S Please Help!

  • Nicely described…

  • Chris

    When i say let’s chat, it loads all of her data, etc. but when i talk to Siri she just stops responding and i have to reboot my phone, can someone help me?