Rumors are part and parcel of an Apple device, but 9to5Mac just dropped something of a bombshell, with the news that a Foxconn employee has apparently told them that the iPhone 5 – or whatever it ends up being called – is ready for final production, leaving a summer launch a possibility.

Rumors of just what the iPhone 5 will be have been around for quite some time now, but this latest round comes with added weight, assuming this supposed Foxconn employee’s information is accurate.

The source also shared some other interesting information, including the size of the screen and other structural tidbits that could alter the smartphone landscape considerably…

According to 9to5Mac’s source, the new iPhone is currently floating around in a selection of slightly different guises. One thing is true of all of them – they all sport a 4-inch screen. There has been talk of a new form factor for the new iPhone, with an increased screen size very much at the center of it. It seems Apple may finally be getting ready to follow the lead of the competition by ditching its current 3.5-inch dimensions.

The expected teardrop shape does not appear to be on the cards however, with the source claiming that none of the prototypes follow such a design. All are wider and taller than the current iPhone 4S, which is to be expected given the increased screen size.

With none of the prototypes being final versions, it is entirely possible that aspects will change, but with all of them apparently having a 4-inch screen, we think that it’s a good bet.

As always, we’ve no way of verifying most of this, though we’re not sure what 9to5Mac would gain from posting inaccurate information.

We’ll find out soon enough.

  • I don’t think this will happen. Apple hasn’t changed it’s form factor, screen size, position of buttons or camera position for five years, presumably to retain a consistent UX. The user just instantly knows what is where, even without looking at the device – and, more importantly, even after upgrading. Why should they break up with that instant familiarity of the user to his new device? That would just be counter-productive…

    • Hasn’t changed it’s form factor? Have you seen an iPhone 3GS next to an iPhone 4??

      • Kok Hean

        A 3GS is more comfortable to hold (curved design) 😀

      • couldn’t agree more- I hope the 5 has a similar design.

      • I agree but how lame was that plastic.. That’s just not Apple material. The glass is so classy, although I have a silver brushed steal back on right now, kinda like the iPad, very sexy.

  • Anonymous

    One word:


  • Matt

    honestly, 3.5 inch screen is perfect the way it is. no need to make it bigger.

    • Correct! Anything larger and the iPhone starts to move into the “Grey” area of it is an iPad Mini or a smartphone? It truly is the “Perfect” size. It fits in my front pants pocket unnoticeable, I could not do that with my wife’s Droid X. (She now has an iPhone 4S)

      • I agree it is the perfect size. At the same time tho, I believe there is still a bit of room to increase the size of the screen without affecting the size/dementions of the phone itself. Either way I’ll be happy. I love the screen size as it is. I’ve tried holdIng a friends EVO. And something that big is just incomfortable. It’s like a mini tablet lol

    • O. Bakerman

      Same here.
      I remember those years before smartphones entered the stage. There was a race to make feature phones smaller… now its the opposite?

    • Like you say, it’s the perfect screen size. Apple will have spent $m on R&D to find the perfect screen size. If the result was a 3.5 inch screen, then they’ll stick with a 3.5 inch screen. Otherwise they’re throwing away $m of research.

      Also, if they increase the screen size to 4 inch, they are losing dpi quality, i.e, the phone will no longer sport a “retina display” – Increasing the the screen size is a step backwards for an iPhone.

    • Anonymous

      WTF.. its too small! Have you played with an S2? Seen a webpage side by side with IP4S, a video playing, even angry birds.

      I have the IP4S and am envious of the larger screens, lots of mock/concept pics show the IP5 could have a larger screen without increasing the overall dimensions of the phone at all/much. Even the S2 is marginally larger in size its certainly no Galaxy note or mini IPAD.

      • Kok Hean

        Then get an Android phone if you want a larger screen.

      • Anonymous

        But then it wouldn’t be an IOS phone now would it? I personally dont like android, it can do everything IOS can but my preference is IOS.

        They just need to bring out a bigger screen for iPhone – I think most of the comments about how people love the size of the 3.5″ screen are deluding themselves or have never used a larger screen.

  • I’ll tell you what they have to gain. Publicity and site traffic.

  • Y’all must have some small dicks, bigger is always better, although I do love my 3.5 screen

    • I agree a 4 inch iPhone would look sick. I use my 4 without a case so the iPhone getting bigger wouldn’t bother me as much as someone using an otter box case. That shit is huge lol

    • Bigger is not always better. Is having a bigger girlfriend or wife better? Is having a bigger BILL better? A bigger iPhone would suck, i just want a tad bit bigger screen to fill to the edge. I dont want a 4.0 or 4.3 or a 4.5 inch screen. Add a case to that and you do have a fucking BRICK in your pocket. No thanks. Battery consumption is going to be a factor running something that big, and the sheer weight of it will piss me off.

    • There’s only so much spare space in my pants, because my penis is like a cucumber on steroids, smaller iphone is more comfortable.

      • Anonymous

        So your penis is green and tastes like shit?

  • Either way I’m buying it.

  • Anonymous

    3.7″ to 3.9″ is the optimal size for most of the people. I prefer 3.7″

  • Sku Takara

    What ever is bigger or stay the same. It’s an iPhone, and I will stick with it!