Back when the iPad launched in 2010, many people complained that it didn’t have any of the native apps found on the iPhone and iPod touch. However, a new jailbreak tweak by Ryan Petrich called Belfry is about to change that.

Belfry is a simple tweak that will install 6 stock apps on your iPad: Clock, Calculator, Compass, Voice Memos, Stocks, and Weather…

Stocks and Clock apps work in native resolution, while the rest are stuck in the infamous “2x” mode.

This tweak was released with great timing, especially now since the untethered jailbreak for iPad 2 was released last week. If you’re interested in installing Belfry on your iPad, you can get it from the Big Boss repo for free.

  • Will this enable the weather gadget for notification center?

    • Dan

      no sadly it doesn’t, tried it out, maybe in a future update

  • Sounds cool, but how is this possible without re-distributing apples copyrighted apps? im all for it but the JB devs like mr petrich are normally very careful about this sort of thing

    • Ori

      This uses the same method Spire uses.
      It fetches the files from a public IPSW which Apple hosts.
      Belfry by itself is just an installer, it doesn’t contain the apps.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, who cares whether or not them apps are on the iPad, they are utter shit and get hidden along with most other wank stock apps on my iPhone .. Unless you need a calculator or alarm clock, which you can get from the app store anyway you don’t need them at all, weather, who actually uses that, forecasters are wank and get nothing correct anyway for days in advance and nobody is so idle they use this app as opposed to looking out of the window.

    I’m sorry but I don’t agree that “many” people were dissapointed to not have these apps on an iPad .. what exactly constitutes many? if they were it’s probably the same people who cry about wanting better cameras on a tablet because of course, everybody walks round taking pictures with a tablet, wtf.

    • Dan

      what’s with the aggressiveness, didn’t get any last night (or the whole year)?

      Anyways, for the rest of the humans: Yeah I got it this morning. The apps work well, I was happy to get the calculator, was missing it in class earlier this week and I like to check the stocks. The weather app is nice, but I prefer WeatherEye personally, more accurate for Montreal Canada. They all work well with RetinaPad.

      • Anonymous

        Who’s being agressive you fucking idiot, sounds to me like you haven’t got any and judging by your profile picture that isn’t a surprise .. Why is it that any comment on blogs these days seems to attract at least 1 utter cock piece who doesn’t agree, big fucking deal, you don’t like what I said … STFU and grow up.

      • I lol’d

      • Dan

        you just confirmed my comment about your state of mind, no need to elaborate further, the quick jibe was meant as a joke, but I seem to have a struct a nerve lol

    • Anonymous

      Sheeshh, if you don’t like it then just ignore it. iDB is not here to write exclusively about what YOU want and need. I’m sure there are people out there wanting this so they’re here to report it.

      • Anonymous

        If you don’t like my comment why don’t you take your own advice and ignore it and jog on, I for 1 don’t care fr your opinion anymore than you care for mine so it’s all good .. the fact is that lately there are far more wank posts on this blog that don'[t class as news, now if you’re sad enough to live for trolling blogs with a lack of interesting news then feel free !!

      • Anonymous

        Oh and for the record, the comments are open for peoples opinions on the post, do you understand what that means? it means that people can say what they think of the articles subject and yes that is what I did, where exactly did I say that my views and opinions are all that matters and iDB should only post things i’m interested in …… nowhere, that’s where !

    • Anonymous

      And I thought I was a grumpy old man. You have set the bar higher than I can possibly reach, but I will certainly try.

      Agreed the stock apps are basic and there are better available. Yes the forecasters are wrong most of the time but it is nice to have some idea how to dress or if I can ride my bike and not run into a tornado.

      • Anonymous

        Dress in your mums pants like normal you tosser.

      • Dave Minall

        You say that you don’t care for our opinions, but at least we don’t resort to petty name calling or bad language.

  • Anonymous

    Voice “Memos”…

  • Kok Hean

    Where do you get Voice Vemos?

  • New writer! But the video is not Jeff’s? Strange.. :S

    • Adam Schiavone

      I’ve seen this guy before. He does a lot of videos on jailbreak news and he reviews jailbreak tweaks. I prefer iDB, but hes not bad.

    • No, he is another person controlling his own website, i dont remember the name of da website tho

    • Not strange. Jeff was not available to do a video of this tweak just yet so we posted another YouTube vid. We don’t mind helping people out sometimes 😉

  • Kinda sucks that it’s all or nothing. Would’ve liked having the calc and clock app without the other ones cluttering my homescreen.

    • Anonymous

      Hide then with SBSettings (:

  • TP Folair

    with the exception of Clock and Voice Memos those are exactly the apps I want to get RID of on my iPhone.

  • Anonymous

    Please and thank you, wasn’t impressed by their omission.
    By the graces of those more willing and able progress is made, not any other way.

  • couldn’t we extract the .app file from an iPhone and install it manually? wouldn’t that work too?

  • HELP GUYS THIS IS AN EMERGENCY FOR ME, none of my apps work except safari and weather! Im jailbroken, is there a tweak that does this? Is this happening to anyone else? I tried rebooting and respringing but nothing!!!
    Any solutions??!! :'(

    • Anonymous

      Full Restore.

      • Thanks but i just turned off siri from settings from the spire app everything worked! Sorry for wastin ur time :/

    • I would restore the phone, re-jailbreak

      • Thanks but i just turned off siri from settings from the spire app everything worked! Sorry for wastin ur time :/

  • Anonymous

    URGENT: is anybody else having problems with music after Jailbreaking 4s??? If so, any suggestions wud be awesome!!! Thx in advance

    • re-sync your music w/itunes

      • Anonymous

        Thanks I’ll try dat when I get hone

  • Howard Ellacott

    We need Jeff…

  • Anonymous

    i having a hard time installing it on my iPad2, im getting errors.

    • Imahottguy

      I had issues, where it would get “stuck” in the middle of the process last night. Cydia even prompted me that I had to run “su dpkg –configure -a” to resolve the issue of a half installed package. Once I did so via MobileTerminal, I attempted to re-install it this afternoon. It did take quite a while over wifi to download the apps and install, but it worked.

      • Anonymous

        yes thats it, same problem, thanks im not alone LOL. i hope jeff makes a video how to fix issue on belfry.

  • Eduard Gubceac

    Great! That calculator was so much needed on the iPad!

  • Great apps, will be great if Stock and Weather is on Widget as well.

  • How to uninstall it, please help !!!

  • it its possible to install compass in an ipod touch 4g??

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