Apple yesterday announced its sales numbers for the latest quarter, and what results they were. 37 million iPhones sold is not a number to be sniffed at, and it’s one that was enough to see Apple overtake Samsung once more as the top dog in smartphone sales.

The huge number of iPhones sold has also seen Apple’s smartphone overtake Android handsets, with the competition – HTC, Motorola – reporting less than stellar figures themselves…

According to research firm Kantar Worldpanel ComTech via Reuters, Apple’s strong iPhone 4S sales saw the company’s marketshare double to 44.9% during the last couple of months of 2011. Conversely, Android saw its own marketshare drop to 44.8%.

While far from a large margin, it is an astonishing result considering the sheer number of different handsets out there that use Google’s Android smartphone operating system. Apple’s iOS is only available on three – the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS.

“Apple has continued its strong sales run in the U.S., UK and Australia over the Christmas period. Overall, Apple sales are now growing at a faster rate than Android across the nine countries we cover.”

Apple’s iPhones are currently slipping out of stores at a rate of nearly 378,000 per day worldwide. That’s more iPhones sold than babies born.

That’s a lot of iPhones.

  • That pic makes is look like Android is whipping Apple……Put one of Apple KILLING Android!

    • Jon Garrett

      Android IS whipping Apple. Period.

      • Jon shut your stupidass up. Keep your negativity in android central you fruit cake.
        Don’t bother replying I’m done reading the article.

      • Anonymous

        How does it feel like, you know… to be OWNED? The truth is, Android IS on top of Apple, whether you like it or not. I personally have an iPhone, and no Android devices whatsoever, and sometimes Reality isn’t the way we want it to be. I’m sorry things didn’t turn out as you wanted them to, David.

        Sales don’t matter, customer satisfaction does.

  • Anonymous


  • Android is jumping desperately at Apple but Android is only holding two lightning swords and Apple have four. Who do you think is going to win?

    • General Grievous had four lightsabers; Obi-Wan had one. Yet, Obi-Wan won the fight.

      Just saying!

  • One word: Boo-yah!!

  • damn all this from a small upgraded iPhone 4 just imagine this fall with the fully new designed quad core iPhone. good luck Google….Samsung..HTC…Motorola..Microsoft..RIM? LOL

  • I want that wallpaper! Where can one get… one?