One of the biggest benefits of using Apple’s Safari web browser on your computer to compliment Mobile Safari on your iOS device is sync-ability. Safari will sync your bookmarks and history, and even has that cool new Reading List feature.

So what about the folks that use Google Chrome? We get the benefit of a much better browser, but get gypped on device-syncing. Well now we can have our cake, and eat it too, with’s Chrome Sync Pro…

Chrome Sync is a a hybrid iPhone-iPad app that allows you to carry your Google Chrome data with you on the go. All it requires is that you install the complimentary Chrome extension to your Windows PC or Mac.

Once installed, the app will sync your bookmarks, browser history, and open tabs from from your computer. All of this information is stored in a secure Google Docs file, accessible via Safari (or any other browser) on your iOS device.

It’s not the prettiest app in the world, but it certainly gets the job done. And to our knowledge, it’s currently the only one of its kind. If you want to try out Chrome Sync for yourself, you can download it from the App Store for $0.99.

What do you think of Chrome Sync? Have you tried it?


  • You can also use xmarks. Use xmarks for InternetExplorer AND your preferred browser (Firefox/chrome). And then sync your safari bookmarks in iTunes w/ InternetExplorer. U will have your bookmarks then synced between your computer and iPhone. (tho you have to sync w/ iTunes to update.)

  • I’d be more interested in syncing from my ios to chrome. I basicly use my ipad or iphone for all the webbrowsing.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been hoping something like this would come along–I wish Google would release an official app with this functionality.

    (And by the way: though I’m sure it wasn’t meant this way, the term “gypped” is widely considered racist.)

  • lud nom

    +1 on
    xmarks existing solution.

    But one piece of advice on that.
    Don’t try to use the same account for different browsers !
    Just use different ones, one for each, or it’s start for lots of trouble and headaches